Tuesday, 9-01-09 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

September 8, 2009
Capt. Eric

Thomas Magnum P.I. and Chuck
023Opening Night at the Inlet !!!!!
Snook Season Again !!! Thom showed up with the biggest cop stache. Looks just like Magnum P.I. Magnum was staying at Capt. Hiram’s so we all met up there. The weather is always raining when Magnum books a trip. Storms were all around us. We got rained on a little bit. The tide in the inlet is high at 9 p.m. Bait catching was not a problem. The Indian River is loaded with hard head croakers. As the sun was setting we made our way up the Indian River to the Sebastian Inlet. We fished the end on the incoming and caught a few Reds.

The bite was slow for the switch. It took us a bit to find the fish when the tide started out. Once we found them we were hooking up on every drift. The first Snook was caught by your truly. The first keeper was Magnum. There were a lot of over size Snook being caught. Thats was all Chuck was catching. He caught a couple of pigs. I put a keeper in the boat. We were running out of bait and Magnum was ready to go to bed. I am known to as the one more guy. I kept him out and fished to there were no more baits. Well, wait a minute one more drift there was one croaker hiding in the bucket. I had to talk Magnum into it, but he eventually said OK and fished it. Guess what? he hooked up and put the final keeper on the boat. Mission accomplished! way to go Thom. Now you can shave that mustache. Great opening night!!