Sunday, 8-03-09 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

August 2, 2009
Capt. Eric

Emily and Chipper

florida 046 Another Guest Weekend Update by Emily: Sunday turned out to be a double bonus on this weekend. We got a late start again but were more mentally prepared for the heat and had another Eric(a.k.a. chipper) around. Another friend with his own style was able to come and head out with us. We caught some croakers and greenies, allowing enough time for excitement to build. We almost hooked up a Bonita or two but were short on time so headed out. The live bait process was a little weird at first to me but now makes sense and pays off.
Today for me was a tough start. It was like my first time fishing. Poor form and missed opportunity left me ready to get serious in the afternoon. After a little warm up instruction, I felt back on track with the trip. Sometimes repetition only teaches muscle memory not application. I ended up catching one Cobia to keep and that rocked my world. I did it all but bait the hook. Cast the line, watched/waited, hooked up on a fish.
It was great fishing with two other people and seeing how they carry themselves and work around each other. This helps me see how to adapt what I’ve learned into my own style and make it work for me. Fishing at 6 ft tall is different than at 5ft. Pictures couldn’t do this trip justice. And Metcalf got the biggest fish, but size doesn’t always matter!
Reel women fish!