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July 29, 2009
Capt. Eric

Bob, Bill, and Grant
001 Bob and Bill are neighbors in Melbourne Beach. Bob lives here part time and in Jersey the rest of the year. Grant is related to Bob. I picked them up at Sebastian Inlet. The weather was nice. A little bump of a swell coming in. The Greenies are still holding a little out and to the south. The croakers are still thick as well. The tide in the inlet is low around 11 a.m. With plenty of bait we headed out to fish. Bill hooked the first fish on a croaker which ended up being a nice keeper Cobia. Bob caught one a few minutes later which also made the cooler. Grant got in on some of the action as well. His Cobia was just short of 33″. There was a good bite going on. Bob caught a nice Bonita. Bill landed the biggest Cobia of the day and the third keeper. The storms were building to the west. We had a lot of action and it was time to run back to avoid getting stormed on. Hope you guys enjoy the fresh fish. Thanks again Bob, Bill, and Grant for fishing with me. Hope to fish with you again in the future.


Vic Dunnaway

Capt. Eric, I am new to the area and I have been to the inlet a few times with my own boat. How would I find and catch those greenies and croakers for bait? I have a cast net but I am not sure where to look for them and how to find them? Any suggestions?

July 30, 2009

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