Wednesday, 6-24-09 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

June 26, 2009
Capt. Eric

Tim and Robert
002-2Trip #2 night time Inlet. I picked them up at Capt. Hiram’s dock at 6 p.m. We headed and caught some croakers and then a few Pins. It was low tide in the Inlet at 6:50 p.m. It was a little windy and the ocean had a little chop. When we started fishing the tide had just changed and it wasn’t quite dark yet. Tim caught a Jack on the first drift. There were some Bluefish in there as well. Robert caught one. It was tough fishing, the tide started ripping to fast to fish. We tried a bunch of different spots and no luck.

Well We left and went and fished the docks for a bit. Tim hooked up a nice Snook and got schooled in the dock. I rigged up the meat stick and tossed a croaker in there. It took a few minutes but it eventually got hammered. The Snook came busting out of the water and it was game on. Robert fought the Snook to the boat and it was 31″. Well we fished for a little while longer and no luck. It was a slow night and not a lot of action but Tim and Robert are a lot of fun fishing with. Thanks Tim and Robert for all your support and the T-shirt. I really appreciate it and Tim sorry I couldn’t meet you for the scotch drink the next day, I ended up fishing a trip that afternoon. Thanks again guys! talk to you later!


robert whitham

{Hey captian eric its robert. Thought i would let you know that my family is coming up in june. we have a new addition, remember Bill well he`s my sisters babydaddy hah. Alice is due on March 24 so i guess well see you then.

March 2, 2010

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