Wednesday, 6-17-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

June 19, 2009
Capt. Eric

Dennis and Joe
0031Dennis is a local and his son Joe. Joe is ten years of age and is a pretty good fisherman. The weather was perfect. The tide in the morning is just switching at 6 a.m. to outgoing. The crabs are coming through on the weeds! Redfish soon! We were not able to catch croakers. I think something is going wrong. Bait is getting small and tough to get any size. Summer is in full swing. We had crabs and live shrimp. No live baits though. We ran the beaches and got into the Bonita crashing on the glass minnow pods. Dennis and Joe were having a blast catching the Bonita. Joe was loving it feeling that much power and drag screaming!
After catching a few Bonita we decided to head out. We went and fished for the Permit. We two hits and two misses. One was so my fault, I was and still am ashamed to admit it. On the way back in the Bonita were still along the beaches crashing minnows. Dennis and Joe caught a fish on every pod that was on the way back to the inlet. The Bonita definitely saved the day. Dennis and Joe it was a lot of fun fishing and meeting the both of you.


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