Tuesday, 6-09-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

June 10, 2009
Capt. Eric

Jose, Jorge, Manuel and Jorge Jr.
Double Trouble PermitJose fished with me last week. Jorge works with Jose and Manuel and Jorge Jr. are his sons. We couldn’t ask for better weather. I netted some crabs the night before with my daughter Chloe. So I had a good head start in the morning. We also stopped and got some live Croakers. We ran the beaches and found nothing happening. All the action last week with the baits on the beach and this week no signs of life. Once we arrived at the spot I got baits out pretty quickly and Jorge and Jose both hooked up with big Permit. They were doubled up, it was awesome. They were loving it! They ended up landing both fish. Check out the picture.
Shortly after that Jose hooked up a monster Jack. Not sure who whipped who? But it was fun! Well because of some Immature Punks running up on me and stealing my spot, you know who you are. The bite shut down. I got one thing to say about that. You punks know you were wrong and only you have to deal with yourselves of not being much of men, for that matter even decent human beings. I guess I should feel complimented because you guys are so jealous of my catches that you resorted to stealing. Karma always come around! Well that is enough on that subject.
After the punks left it took a awhile for the fish to come back up. Everyone caught a nice Permit! We ended with 5. On the way back to the Inlet we stopped and fished for Snook and caught 2 big dogs. There was a few misses as well. Well that was another great day of fishing. Thanks again Jose! and Jorge it was a pleasure to fish you and your boys. Manuel I hope your trip to Africa is a success. Thanks again guys!


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