Sunday, 5-31-09 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

June 1, 2009
Capt. Eric

Eric O. and I

004What a perfect day. The weather was beautiful all day long. Calm winds and plenty of sunshine. Its the last day in May and I had to see if we could get into some Permit. Eric and I launched from Sebastian Inlet boat ramp at 8 a.m. We went straight to a spot and walked the shoreline for crabs. After we captured 13, we decided to go ahead and go. We stopped after that and caught a dozen Croakers as well.  We ran the beaches for awhile and spotted a lot of Bonita. There is a few schools of big Jacks roaming the beaches as well. We mainly were looking for Tarpon, no luck.

When we got to the spot we fished for awhile and it was slow. For awhile all that we saw was Monster Jacks and Barracuda. Both Eric and I want nothing to do with them. Eric was feeling either brave or bored and hooked one of the monster Jacks.  After a few minutes into the fight he was wishing he never had hooked that fish. Finally in the afternoon the Permit started coming up and we began to see them on the surface. I missed my first hit, then on my second chance I put the hook in the right spot. It was awesome it had been two years since myself got to fight a Permit, much less a big one. After a bit I landed it and weighed it, 24lbs. I released it quickly after a few pics. I was on fire…. catching two more Permit 15lbs. and 22lbs. What a rush!!!  Eric was not having a very lucky day. But we did have a day last year in July when he landed 3 big Permit over 2olbs. and I never even got a hit. Fishing is weird like that. That was fun!!!



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