Thursday, 5-28-09 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

May 29, 2009
Capt. Eric

Eric, Paul, Dave, and Mark

paul-and-eric-2-keepers-snookEric, Paul, Dave, and Mark are high school friends that are all from Orlando. They get together once a year for the guys trip to fish. This year they found my phone number and booked there Attitude Adjustment. I got the pleasure of putting them on some night time Snook action at the Sebastian Inlet. Once again there were storms in the area. We had to wait out the heavy part of the storm. Once it was just rain we went and caught pins. No problem with pins. I knew right where they were.

The tide was outgoing at the Inlet for about a hour after dark. We lost a couple of good hits and caught numbers of Ladyfish. I believe Paul did put a keeper in the Boat during the last part of outgoing. As the tide slacked we waited and once it turned around the bite was on. We were getting some good hits. Dave was a lefty who was on fire he caught two nice fish. One that was too big and one just perfect 31″. Paul caught a Snook that was too big 34″. Well we fished it pretty hard for awhile. There were a few misses and a few short fish. The storms were sitting right to the north and south of us and we were getting ready to leave and I kept saying one more we got time. Well it was classic Eric and Paul Doubled up and both landed nice 30 and 31 inch Snook. That was our limit of Snook and it was time to run. What a great night. Thanks Eric, Paul, Dave, and Mark for fishing with me. It was my pleasure and I look forward to future trips with the four of you, it was a lot of fun. Enjoy that fish!