Wednesday, 5-27-09 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

May 28, 2009
Capt. Eric

Don, Andrew, and Steve

Andrew Snook 34.5 Evening thunderstorms again. We were pushed back an hour while we waited for the storms to pass. Don, Andrew, and Steve are from the area. Don has fished with me before. Andrew and Steve’s first time. I picked them up at Hiram’s after the storms passed. Bait was a little difficult at first. We just kept moving and eventually landed upon a good spot that was producing doubles. It was a little windy with the storms hanging to the south. The tide was slack in the inlet at dark. We waited for a bit and when the tide started to come in we started fishing. The bite was on! Andrew hooked up and landed the first fish with a fat 34.5″ Snook. The next fish was landed by Andrew as well it was just a bit short at 27″. It was like someone flipped the switch back off. There were a few half bites and one fish lost half way to the boat. That Snook just cut the leader. Well we tried baits and plugs all over the inlet. It was tough we missed a few at first and that was all the chances that we had. Some of my friends that were also fishing in other boats, never even had a bite the whole night. It was still fun and that is fishing. It started off good and then nothing. You just never know. Thanks again Don, Andrew, and Steve for fishing with Attitude Adjustment !!! Next time we will kill it!!!


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