Tuesday, 5-26-09 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

May 27, 2009
Capt. Eric
Thom and Chuck

Thom snook 1 The storms were moving through right the same time as it was to catch bait. We had to wait it in our cars. With not much light left we decided to go ahead and go for it. Bait was a little slow. We just moved around a few times and managed to get a enough to fish with. It did end up that we could of used a few more. At dark the rain stopped and we headed to the inlet and started fishing. Thom hooked up with in the first couple of drifts. It was a nice 30″ Snook. Thom caught the next fish and it was just a bit short. Chuck caught a short as well. There was one more fish caught that was a bit short. After some unfortunate mistakes we missed a few. Like one that I had where the snook was a little big for the net, I could of grabbed the fish with my hands, instead I just watched as it shook the hook. We trolled a few more times and no luck.

I though we were out of bait. I looked in the livewell and there was one pinfish still swimming around. I hooked it up and handed it to Thom. We positioned for a perfect drift. It was text book style. Thom casted out and teased the bait over the rocks and next thing you know, FISH ON! It was a good fish. I just kept my fingers crossed and preyed that we could land this Snook. Thom with all his skills pulled that fish to the boat with finesse. It was A nice fat 30″ keeper. It was a tougher night of fishing. But we managed to leave with 2 nice fish. Thom another season in the books. Thanks again as always for all your support and friendship. Now you have to come and try for a Permit or Tarpon. Hopefully you will be living here soon. Talk to you later!

Thom Snook 2