Sunday, 5-24-09 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

May 25, 2009
Capt. Eric

Brad, Derek, Jaron, Dave

Derek 25lb. Redfish Brad, Derek, Jaron, Dave have all fished with me before. Well with all the rain lately it has been tough to get out. The fish have been feeding if you don’t mind fishing while storms roll through. Well it cleared up long enough for us to do some fishing. The tide is incoming most of the night. It slacked at 11p.m. Bait was a little tough to get at the first spot. Once we moved to the east side we caught plenty of pinfish.

At dark we made our way into the inlet and started to fish. It might of been the 2nd drift and Jaron was hooked up and the line was screaming big Snook. We landed the 34 inch Snook , photo and released. Next drift Brad hooked up and put the first keeper in the box. It was fish on with every drift. We put 4 keepers in the box with in the first hour. We fished till the tide slacked. The Biggest Snook was Jaron 17lbs. The biggest fish was caught by Derek a 25lb. Redfish. It was a great night of fishing. The Inlet at its best. Thanks Brad, Derek, Jaron, Dave for fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. Brad send me Derek’s email. Thanks again guys! it was a lot of fun! enjoy the fresh fish.

Jaron biggest Snook of night 17lbs.