Tuesday, 5-05-09 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

May 7, 2009
Capt. Eric

Mike and Todd

Mike Dolphin Cinco de Mahi, Mike and Todd are brothers. Todd lives in Michigan and Mike is a local in Vero area. With the afternoon winds lately, the plan was to get a early start and leave the dock at 6 a.m. We headed S.E. and it was a little rough. Once we made our way out into 150ft. we put our lines out. We worked our way out to 250ft. and back into 180ft. and only one knock down and it broke off. The line was chaffed, I dont understand, I just put new line on that reel the night before. Well, that sucked because it was toying with me for awhile why we were not getting any more hits. Talking to a few friends that were fishing in 500ft. they had a few Dolphin in the box.

We pulled in our lines and ran out to 500ft. where we found a few weeds and some what of a line. We picked up one Dolphin within 10 mins. of fishing it. Mike got to catch the first fish. We circled back around and had one more fish hit the left rigger, just couldn’t get it hooked up.  After trolling that area good, we made our way back into 150ft. where there was a nice rip with some decent weeds. With in minutes it was fish on. Todd here you go! Todds first Dolphin. Next pass and fish on! Mike was up and landed a nice Dolphin on light tackle. While Mike was fighting that fish, We hooked another Dolphin that was good size maybe 40lbs. it jumped and bent the hook. We stayed with it and hooked one more Dolphin which was Todds and it was a good fish. 20lbs. plus. Nice catch! Todd did a great job of reeling that fish to the boat. Well we decided to call it after that. What a great day! all the action at the end made it. Thanks Mike and Todd it was a pleaure fishing with you. Enjoy that fresh fish!

Capt. Eric and Todd Dolphin