Tuesday, 2-10-09 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

February 12, 2009
Capt. Eric

Mark, Liz, and Mark Jr.

Mark and his wife Liz are from Michigan, Detroit area. Mark Jr. lives here locally in the Rockledge area. The weather was beautiful and it is finally starting to warm up. The water temp is still in the low 60’s. fishing is difficult right now because of the cold. We met at the Inlet and started fishing right away on the flats behind the Inlet. The tide was incoming and the switch was around 12 p.m. Mark and Mark J.R. doubled up with a small Jack and a small Trout. a little while longer and J.R. caught a small Jack as well. We would fish a spot for a bit and keep moving. We fished 4 or 5 spots. In the inlet we couldn’t even get into the Bluefish, which are usually always around this time of year, it was slow. They had to catch a plane, so we only had till noon to fish. I can’t wait until the water warms up and the fish become hungry and active. It was a pleasure to meet and fish with the three of you, Mark, Liz, and Mark J.R. Thanks again!


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