Saturday, 2-07-09 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

February 9, 2009
Capt. Eric

Roger and Rick

Roger and Rick are friends from Miami. The weather has been cold, we had a few nights hit the 20’s. The water Temp. is in the 50’s. Well we went for it any ways. The tide was incoming until 8 p.m. The bait fishing was a little tough. Pins were there though they just were biting kind of shy. Roger was in town picking up a white Lab puppy. The fishing was really bad nothing all night. We could not even produce a hit. Well sorry again guys for the bad weather and lack of fish. Well good luck on the Puppy, Roger. It was a pleasure to meet the both of you. It was fun and I am looking forward to the next trip when the fish are active. Thanks again Roger and Rick.


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