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November 6, 2008
Capt. Eric

John A. and Mike S.

Mike and John John and Mike are close friends of mine. Mike lives in Vail, Colorado and is in town for awhile. Mike actually taught me quite a bit about the inlet back in the day. John fishes with me all the time. The weather is a bit chilly and the water temp is still pretty warm. We launched the boat at the inlet boat ramp around 4 p.m. With it getting dark earlier, we wanted to make sure we had time to get enough bait. Pigs and pins were still thick.

The tide was slack when we launched and was going out at dark. We fished the fenders at first. We fished for awhile with out getting a hit. The tide was moving pretty good, which made it a little tough. The baits were getting nervous on every drift. John was first to hook up and land a Snook. Plus it was a nice fat keeper. Well that was good to see. Mike missed a few fish and I could not get a hit. It must of been near 8 p.m. when I finally got a bite. We landed it and it was a nice 31″ keeper Snook.  On the very next drift I hooked up again and landed our third keeper of the night. I not trying to brag but I was on fire after that. The bite was on.  I caught Snook on my bait caster and my light spinner. That was a lot of fun. Mike stayed with it and did finally get a 30″ Snook. That would of been a keeper if we had not allready had our limit. John caught a few more Snook as well. There were some Tarpon out in the mouth. We tried but no luck. That was great fun. I always love it when I get to fish and bring home some fresh Snook.

Capt Eric


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