Tuesday 9-30-08 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

October 1, 2008
Capt. Eric

Al and Stacy

Stacy and Her Dad Al and a Snook dinner Al and Stacy are from Orlando and come over once a year and vacation at Oyster Point. They know the inlet well and were looking to hook up on the Snook. The weather was raining most of the afternoon and it was questionable if we would be able to do the trip. When I picked them up at Capt. Hiram’s the rain was coming down pretty hard. Al and Stacy were up for fishing rain or shine, hardcore. The bait is really thick. We are catching perfect size pigs and lots of them. The tide was switching to incoming around dark.

After a quick stop so Al could get some dry clothes on, we made our way into the inlet. The tide was incoming and we went right to the drifts. After a couple of drifts, Al was first to hook up. He landed a nice a nice big Redfish. Al landed two other big Reds. Stacy took a bit to get a hit. On her first hit she hooked up and landed a nice keeper Snook. Al was caught a several short Snook before finally catching a keeper Snook. Stacy also caught another slot size snook. This was a great trip. There were only four other boats fishing and the weather cleared up to be a nice night. Thanks Al and Stacy for fishing with me, it was a pleasure to meet the both of you. I hope you enjoy the fresh Snook and the Pictures. I’ll see you two next year. Thanks again.