Friday 9-26-08 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

September 28, 2008
Capt. Eric

Allen and Art,

Allen and Art 003 Today is the first day that the winds have laid down, they blew 25-30mph most of the week. Actually, it was a beautiful day. Allen and Art are locals in Melbourne Beach. I picked them up at the Inlet. Bait was no problem. A lot of pins and pigs. Its nice to see the water coming back to normal. It seems like the water has been cleaning up. The tide is incoming right now through the early evening. It switched around 9 p.m. to outgoing.

After bait fishing we moved into the inlet and spotted the Jacks feeding on the schools of greenies. I rigged up a topwater plug and Art and Allen each caught a few small Jacks. I noticed the Snook doing cartwheels through the schools of mullet. We fished them but couldn’t hook up. It was getting dark and I was thinking maybe a few Reds with the incoming. Art was first to hook up and land a nice big Redfish. He caught a few Reds through out the night. As the tide started to lighten we started to hook up with the Snook. Allen figured it out pretty quick. He caught 2 or 3 before getting a keeper Snook and few others. Art took a bit longer to get the feel for it but once he figured it out it was on. He caught his share and put a keeper in the boat. He ended the night with a fat oversized Snook and a few big Reds. It was a good night of fishing. I hope you guys enjoy your fish. Let me know how you cook it up! Thanks again!


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