Thursday, 9-11-08 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

September 12, 2008
Capt. Eric

Jay, John, and Glenn

9-11-08 004 These three, Jay, John, and Glenn are from my old stomping grounds, Pinellas County, Fl. They are staying at the oyster point time share next to Capt. Hiram’s. I picked them up at 5 p.m. and the winds were strong 15 to 20 out of the SSW. The tide was incoming at the Inlet and slack was around 8 p.m. Bait, that is the question it’s tough. Catfish were thick, they were everywhere it seemed like we couldn’t get out of them. We managed to get about a dozen baits. Luckily, Capt. Curtis was just finishing fishing and gave us his left over baits. All together, we had about 2 dozen.

We tried a few spots before dark and no luck. I noticed a few schools of mullet moving through and seen some fish popping on them. We made a few drifts threw and Glenn hooked up with a Snook. It was a smart fish swimming right at the boat it managed to give a gill plate. Glenn also had another good fish on and was doing everything correctly. I can’t explain it but, it got off some how. The line came back like have never seen. Maybe a rock or structure of some sort? Once it got dark we moved to the fenders and the tide was starting to slow. John missed a nice snook. Well, the fished jump ran and jumped about the same time the boat Signed In pulled into close and ran John’s line over. Enough said on that. On the first drift on the new tide Jay and John doubled up. I thought for sure it was two nice keeper Snook. John landed his first and it was a 31′ Snook. Jay was a few seconds later and pulled in a nice 17-18lb. Red.

It was a tough night overall, the winds were strong the bait situation was limited and the water is still high and dirty. Thanks again Jay, John, and Glenn. Glenn you will get that trophy you just got keep fishing and don’t let it bother you’ That is just the way it goes sometimes. Every fisherman goes through there hot and cold cycles. You know the saying, it’s fishing not catching. I say, what fun would it be if fishing was easy.