Monday, 9-01-08 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

September 3, 2008
Capt. Eric

Thom (opening night)

9-01-08 opening night keeper Snook Snook season is open! The weather was pretty windy. We were going to fish Sunday night but the weather was bad. The tides are still really strong and the water is still dirty. There are hurricanes popping up everywhere. The bait was my main worry with all the fresh water in the river, would we be able to find bait. We moved around a bit and found a few small pins and pigs near the inlet. I won the bait race to 12, although Thom tried to shave points. The tide was outgoing before dark and slack at dark.As the tide began to flow in, the Snook began to hit. The tide picked up pretty strong. Thom was having a hard time feeling the bait with a ounce split on. I would of never thought but he convinced me to put 1 more ounce on and just like that he hooked up. I believe that one was a bit short. On the next drift, Thom put a keeper on the boat, 28 inches. The bite was on every drift he hooked up. Thom finished with a nice fat 32″ Snook. That was a good night, only a few boats in there as well. Opening night was a success.


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