Friday, 8-08-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

August 12, 2008
Capt. Eric

Gary and Eric

Gary runs a sight called and was in town to do some fishing with his son Eric. I just got my boat back from the engine problems. Yamaha totally hooked me up with a rebuilt engine. This was my first trip with the new engine. We met up at the Inlet. The tide was out going and we had no problems getting crabs on the grass moving through with the tide. Croakers are pretty thick along the beaches.

With nice variety of bait, we headed to a spot. On the way, there were a few Bonita busting on glass minnows. Once we arrived there was another boat anchored right on the spot. This guy wasn’t very friendly. We tried our hardest to fish around him. The fishing was pretty slow. We only saw a few Permit. Nothing like it has been. Gary caught a few Blue Runners. With the storms approaching the other boat left. I quickly positioned the Boat over the structure and got Gary and Eric to drop Croakers straight to the bottom. Gary was getting hit every time. It was just one of those days when nothing stayed on. A few misses and break-offs with the Snook. The Storms were right on us and we had to run. Gary hopefully you don’t hold this day against me. Thanks again for your understanding. It was a pleasure to meet you and Eric. Eric good luck in D.C.


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