Tuesday, 6-03-08 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

June 5, 2008
Capt. Eric

John A. and I

Capt. Eric M. light tackle Dolphin Another perfect day. The winds are is still calm. We decided to head offshore and try for some Dolphin. We headed straight out to 130 ft. and started trolling some ballyhoo’s. We had a few small misses and that was that. We trolled out to 300ft. and back in to 150ft. It was 11:15 a.m. and we decided to try our luck out with some live baits ont the bottom.

We were fishing the 90 ft. ledge and I caught one 23 ” Grouper. While we were bottom fishing two small schools of Dolphin swam up to the boat. On the second school there was one decent size Dolphin. I was able to pitch a live bait in the right spot and hooked up with a nice cow. I love sight casting to Dolphin. John and I kept busy for a bit. We kept 7 fish total and released a few that were pretty small. What a great day!


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