Tuesday, 5-6-08 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

May 7, 2008
Capt. Eric

Kelly and Bob

Bob snook Kelly Big Snook Kelly and Bob are friends and business partners. They run Malabar storage here in Palm Bay, Fl. The tide was incoming all night the switch was at midnight. We caught plenty of Croakers, they were thick. We watched the sunset and then headed to fish. The fishing was really slow at first. The Bluefish are thick, watch your baits. With the tide getting faster the fishing became impossible. Bob was the only one to get a hit, he had it on for a minute but came up short. We decided to take a little break and kill some time instead of our baits. We anchored up and waited.

When we went back to fishing the tide was just starting to weaken. The bite didn’t happen for a bit. Kelly was first to catch a fish a nice Redfish. On the next drift Kelly caught a keeper Snook, just 28″. Bob caught a big Redfish a few minutes later. Kelly caught a Snook that was 37″ that was a big boy. Nice Catch and Congrads again. I switched them over to plugs and Bob caught his keeper Snook fat 30″ and another short. The ladyfish are crazy thick on the outgoing. Well it got late quick. 2 keepers and that was that. Thanks Kelly and Bob for hooking me up with some storage and I hope you guys had some fun.