Sunday, 3-30-08 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

March 31, 2008
Capt. Eric

Andy and John

Andy and John Pair of Reds Andy and his father John. Andy is a Engineer at Harris and his father lives in Minnesota. The weather was perfect and the tide was going out most of the night. I picked them up at the Sebastian Inlet at 5 p.m and we headed straight to the bait spot.

We caught plenty of croakers and a few pigs. We also went and caught a few pins. The tide was going out, but it was still calm enough to fish the mouth. Andy and John each had a blast catching there share of Reds. Including one nice double up. Andy caught one Snook that was to big 33″, that is a shame. John also caught one Snook that was just in the slot at 28″. The fishing seems to be getting better with the warmer weather. We worked hard for those two Snook. We decided to call it night. Thanks again Andy and John it was a pleasure to fish with the both of you.