Friday, 2-15-08 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

February 17, 2008
Capt. Eric

Mike C.

Mike with a biggie Red 20lbs. Mike is from Pennsylvania. We met up at the Inlet. The weather was nice, sunny and just a little chilly. We have recently had a few cold fronts. We went to a bait spot #1 and the Pins were there. Not real thick but we managed to catch plenty. The tide at the Inlet was out going.

We started fishing and on the first drift Mike missed a fish. We set up for the 2nd drift and Mike had another hit, but lost it. On the third run, Mike had the feeling and let the fish have it. It was a nice Redfish 14lbs. The Redfish were on fire. They were in there pretty thick. Mike was on after that he landed 7 or 8 Reds. Biggest fish was 20lbs. and the smallest being 12lbs. We hooked a few of the Reds on light tackle but never had enough luck. It was tough with the waves, almost though. It was a good trip though. Mike it was nice talking and fishing with you. Thanks for the trip.

Capt. Eric


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