Monday, 2-04-08 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

February 5, 2008
Capt. Eric

Matson and I

Capt. Eric Metcalf Fat Cobia What a nice day. The day started with me sleeping in and getting a late start. That was the plan though. The weather was perfect. I picked up Matson at Hiram’s and we made our way through the inlet shortly after 1 p.m. We headed a little North and instantly came across a big Manta Ray.

The first Ray didn’t have a Cobia but the next ray did. It was a nice fish 40 lbs. I caught that one. What a fight, I caught it on my Calcutta 400 with 15lb. line and a Thunder Bait pink head 1 1/2 oz. bucktail. That fish Ran at the boat full speed 3 times. Not to mention the fact that I had a back lash in the reel. I still cant believe I landed that fish. After a few Pics we moved on and found the net victim. Matson caught a smaller keeper about 20lbs. I lost one more fish that was 40 lb. range that was quite the the site, It was on the top of the ray and the ray spooked. The line ended up breaking. It all happed so fast. Well it was time to go. Its gonna be a good Cobia season!!!