Thursday, 1-10-07 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

January 18, 2008
Capt. Eric

Murph, Melissa, and Nick

Attitude Adjustment The weather was perfect calm, warm, and sunny. Reports were that the Tripletail are around. I offered to take a few good friends on mine up to the Port Canaveral and check it out. Its been awhile since I have been up there. I know it petty good, I use to catch a lot of fish there before 9-11. Well now they have opened the area up known as the bite.

We arrived at 9 a.m. and made our way out with a few dozen live Shrimp. We fished a few buoys and made our way out and came across some huge patches of weed. We searched for awhile and saw a few small Trips and 2 that were over 20lbs. We spooked both and I did manage to hook up a Trip that was around 10lbs. but it threw the hook half way through the fight.

It was getting to be afternoon and we were starting to wonder what was up with the lack of fish. We searched a bit more and started to make our way back in. I would never of guessed what was about to happen. Well I would of but I was not expecting it this soon in the year. We ran over 2 Rays and I saw a fish on 1. I quickly turned and spotted the Rays they were straight down. I dropped a big Shrimp down and hooked up with a nice Cobia. It wasn’t long until I lost it. That was o.k. because there were rays everywhere we looked. It didn’t take long and I hooked up another Cobia. This one we landed it was about 36 inches. We searched a bit more and Nick was next to get a fat Cobia. We landed that one was a little bigger than the first. I hooked up again next with a fatty a little over 40lbs. That was awesome what a bite that was. We ended with 6 Cobia. What a day ! That was a lot of fun.