Sunday, 12-30-07 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

December 31, 2007
Capt. Eric

Karl, Orest, and Stephen

Stephen 20lb. Snook I picked Karl, Orest, and Stephen up at the Inlet. With plenty of time before dark we set to troll for some Grouper. Stephen caught on small Grouper. We moved on to get our bait for the night. Plenty of pigs and few pins and butters. It didn’t take long and we had more bait than we could use. The tide was outgoing in the inlet. It was starting to get dark and the fish were gonna feed soon.

Karl missed a fish right off. It was a little difficult to fish because the tide was ripping pretty fast. I decided we would fish some plugs. Orest was first to hook up and put a fatty in the boat. Orest and Karl were catching nice fat snook with every try. The bite was on. Stephen was having a little trouble. He did get a few small Snook. When Stephen was just about to question what was going on he hooked up a monster. He did a good job at getting this one to the boat. The biggest of the night, 20lb. Snook. Nice fish Stephen.

We switched back to live baits and Karl hooked up with a monster as well. Another 20lb. Snook, just a bit shorter but fatter. That was a heck of a fight. Karl knows what he is doing a good fishermen. He pulled it away from the fenders with authority. Orest and Stephen each caught snook on live baits as well. This was an incredible night. It was better than some of the October nights. Thanks Karl, Orest and Stephen it was a pleasure to fish with you three. well see you again..


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