Friday, 11-30-07 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

December 4, 2007
Capt. Eric

Chip, Philip, Miguel, and Brian

005 After a great night of fishing the four were back for there day trip. They wanted to split up into two’s on two different boats. Miguel and Brian wanted to fish with Capt. Eric Olsen. Which put Chip and Philip with me. We headed over to the flats. It was a perfect morning, these guys picked a perfect couple of days for fishing. I set up a drift and helped push them through. There was a lot bait. I did not see the schools of reds. Chip hooked up first with a nice small Snook. Philip soon after caught a Snook of the same size. The 2 Snook and a small trout and a small Jack on the flats.

At the inlet the tide was coming in. We made a few drifts and no Reds. There were some small Spanish along the beach. There are some Bluefish in the inlet as well. With the incoming tide we moved to the back. Set up for drifts with a jig for the 3 spot flounder. Chip and Philip caught 2 or 3 each. The half day was up and we met the others back at Hiram’s for lunch. During lunch the wind picked up out of the north. After everyone finished eating we went back out for a little bit. Philip caught a nice size Spanish Mackeral. The winds were increasing pretty hard. I decided we would try a couple of passes for the grouper. No luck. The day was good, perfect weather up until lunch. Miguel, Brian, Chip, and Philip thanks for the opportunity to take you fishing.


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