Monday, 11-26-07 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

November 27, 2007
Capt. Eric

Thom and Mike

Thom with a Big Goliath Thom and his brother Mike. We met up at Hiram’s around 4 p.m. No problems getting bait. The tide was incoming all evening. When it got dark we made our way to the inlet. Thom was first to hook up with a biggie Red. Thom is starting to get this whole inlet fishing down, making it look easy he caught the first couple of fish(Reds). Mike soon joined in and got his first big Red. There were some keeper size Reds in the mix as well. Thom and Mike each caught a slot size Red. The Red were really thick, it is hard to get a bait through the Reds without getting hooked up. The Snook are there.

It was beginning to rain and Thom was just saying if it started to rain any harder that we should head for cover. Just like clock work his Bait gets SLAMMED! FISH ON, Thom yells! I asked him if it were the bottom and He said,  no way its a BIG FISH! The Rain started to come down harder.  This fish was screaming drag, I had to go after it. That first run was a long one. It had to be a big Goliath. Thom was putting the heat on this fish with 20lb. test line and 40lb. leader. Thom did a great job at getting this beast to the boat. After Mike almost threw me in I finally got a hold of this Goliath. It bottomed out my 50lb. scale. That was awesome, a great fish. Check out the mac-daddy Pictures. We ended with 1 keeper Snook, 2 keeper Reds, and lots of releases.


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