Wednesday, 9-05-07 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

September 6, 2007
Capt. Eric

Les H. , Eddie H. and Patty

Eddie BIG RED 9-05-07 Les is from Tampa area and Eddie is his brother in town to do some fishing. We met up at 6 p.m. and went and caught bait. Bait was no problem. The winds were blowing 15 mph. NE. The tide was outgoing all night. We started off with drifts under the bridge and no luck. Since the tide was outgoing and it was windy, we couldn’t get out. We had no luck by the fenders and moved elsewhere.

As the tide got later the fish finally began to feed. It was difficult to fish as well with the wind. Les hooked up first with a Snook and it was just a keeper. Les caught the next as well which was just a little short. Les and Eddie missed a few hits. Eddie hooked into a monster Red and fought that fish like a pro. Nice fish Eddie. Shortly after that he caught a snook which was just bit short. With these new laws its tough. One fish, OK but a 4 inch slot is just plain not right. We made a few more drifts and lost a couple more. Well that was a tough hight to fish with the weather conditions, but we managed. Thanks again Les, Eddie, and Patty