Friday, 8-31-07 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

September 1, 2007
Capt. Eric

Thom M.

Thom M. 1st keeper of season 9-1-07 Thom is from Palm Harbor, Fl. He was wanting to catch some Snook on opening night. The storms were coming through in the evening. There was lighting and Rain until 7 p.m. it finally let up enough to run to the bait. It was still a light rain until 9 p.m. We did manage to get enough bait in that hour for the night. We took our time on getting to the inlet. There was no one on the water, I guess because of the storms. After the Rain, it was super calm and glassy. The fish were going nuts.
I knew right were the fish were from the night before. We set up on them and Thom put a bait in the water and instantly caught a nice Red. Thom hooked up again and again on Reds. He caught a few nice ones. Thom also caught some nice Snook that we released just before season was to open. Well it was getting later and midnight was close. I got two pigs ready and at 11:57 I put a pig on each of our rods and we both hooked up with in minutes, it was to good to be true. I couldn’t believe it we both were hooked up at midnight and both landed keeper Snook. That was our limit 2 fish, one each. That was a great opening night, one that I will remember. Thanks Thom it great fishing and getting to know you.



Capt. Eric, Thank you so much for our trip it was awesome. I will be booking you in the near future . Tight lines cold beer,and hand rolled cigars, all the best. Talk to you soon Thom

September 6, 2007

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