Wednesday, 8-08-07 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

August 8, 2007
Capt. Eric

Wade, Jessica, Dan, and Peggy #2

Dan with his Snook Back in the morning for trip #2, the weather was still calm and sunny, a perfect day for fishing. We spent an hour catching bait in the morning. Jessica joined in to catch bait and caught her first fish. The pigs were plentiful and there were a few pins. We headed out to start our day of fishing. We anchored up when we got to the Inlet. The tide was just beginning to go out. The Snook began to feed after about 30 minutes. Wade, Dan, and Peggy all took turns hooking up the big Snook. Peggy lost one fish that she couldn’t stop, I think it was a Goliath Grouper. We landed our fare share of fish.

After catching plenty of Snook we wanted to check out the Bonita action. The Bonita were on the surface.Schools were staying up just long enough for a cast or two. The fish are good size. We chased the Bonita for a good hour and just never could get one to the boat. Out of two hook ups Wade broke one and the other pulled a hook. Maybe next time. Thanks Wade, Jessica, Dan, and Peggy for the two days of fishing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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