Tuesday, 7-10-07 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

July 17, 2007
Capt. Eric

Aaron, Garrett, and Hunter

Hunter Snook 7-11-07 Aaron, Garrett, and Hunter were off for a day and were amping to catch some fish. Well I was really wanting to put these guys on some permit. We started off in the morning catching bait(Pins and a few Croakers). After the live baits we stopped and netted a few crabs. Finally, time to go fish.

We headed to fish for the Permit and once we arrived the storms started to brew up. We decided to fish for a bit before the storms arrived. Garrett hooked up with a Barracuda, we landed it and snapped a picture. Aaron was wanting to catch a Barracuda too, so he was next to hook up. We landed it and snapped one more picture. The Permit were not showing themselves and the storm was on top of us. I decided that we were going to have to leave. I don’t like lightning.

The storm chased us all the way back to the inlet. We took cover in a pavilion at the state park. We had some lunch and let the storm pass. The tide was outgoing for a little more and it was time to get on it. Well, Hunter and Aaron dropped a croaker in and both hooked up instantly. Aaron lost his, but Hunter was still golden. He had a nice fat Snook and it was giving him a fight. Hunter got the fish to the boat for a nice picture. We set back up and it was Aaron’s turn. This time he got the hook set in good. The Snook was a little smaller but was still a good fish. The tide was slacking and the bite was over. Aaron did hook a Tarpon on a crab but didn’t have a chance. The Tarpon took off around the jetty and that was it. Thanks again guys for a fun trip.

Aaron S. Snook 7-11-07