Monday, 6-25-07 6 p.m. to 12 p.m.

June 26, 2007
Capt. Eric

Neil another 2nd Snook Jesse, Richard, and Neil

Jesse, Richard, and Neil met me at the Inlet L-dock. I was cast netting Bait when they arrived. I managed to get a few. The tide was coming in. We set up on the east side and made a few drifts, nothing. The fishing was not happening. Well it was early so I decided we go catch bait and get prepared for the outgoing tide.

Bait was slow, we worked hard for 3 dozen pins. The tide switched at 8:30 p.m. and Instantly, Neil hooked up! The fish was a fat Snook and it was giving Neil a good fight. Nice catch Neil. The skunk was off the boat! We took a photo and released it. It was getting rough as the tide started out.

We moved inside a little and Richard hooked up with the next fish which was a short Snook. We missed a few as well. I suggested that we try some plugs and Neil hooked and landed a nice Red. Well Neil had the hot hand because he caught the next fish as well. A trophy snook, good job Neil. Jesse caught the next Snook which was a fatty as well. Nice fish guys and thanks for good times.