Sunday, 6-10-07 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

June 22, 2007
Capt. Eric

Tiffany and Me

Tiffs dolphn The weather was nice, the wind was a 10 mph. out of the south. The Ocean had a little chop, it wasn’t bad enough to cancel. Its Sunday and I am going fishing, Thats a new one for me. Tiffany was coming and I was wanting to put her on some fish.

We went to Bethel to get bait, The bait was there but it was tricky. We got our few dozen and headed out. The winds were letting off and the sun was shining. I was wanting to slow troll some live one’s. We Had three lines out and were moving along when Tiffany says, Hey Eric whats that behind the engine? Well, that would be a Cobia. I Quickly grabbed the rod with a bucktail and tossed it back. It was 33″, just big enough for the grill. Good eyes Tiffany!

We kept fishing and fishing. It was slow. We caught a small king, a big Barracuda, and Tiffany got a Dolphin big enough for the box. She pitched a live bait and the fish slammed it. Good job Tiff. Well we decided to call it and head in. Thanks Tiff for coming fishing and putting up with me.


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