Wednesday, 6-06-07 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

June 8, 2007
Capt. Eric

Pete & son Sean

Pete & Sean are from Orlando and were in for two days. Pete called me around 1 p.m. wanting to do some fishing in the Evening. I was available so I told him I would be down to Capt. Hirams around 4 p.m so we could fish up the evening tide at the Inlet.

The weather was not in our favor. It was raining, but Pete and Sean were still wanting to fish. We waited for the rain to stop and made a break for the bait spot. There were Storms everywhere. We had to go back to the dock after catching a few dozen pinfish to avoid the next storm. I was wondering if we should just call it off?

After the storm passed, I checked the radar and figured that we had one hour till the next storm. These guys were game and we charged over there in a hurry. The tide was going out and it was calm. I set up a drift for them and it didn’t take long before they both hooked up. Pete had a Jack and Sean a turtle,yea a turtle. Well we set up another drift and they both hooked up again. This time Pete had a Jack and Sean a 27″ Red. We released the Red and kept fishing. We made two more drifts and Sean caught two more Reds that were around 32″ and 33″. Pete caught one more Jack. Well with the rain coming down hard on us we decided to call it. Not bad guys, 4 drifts and 6 fish! I hope the pictures come out?