Tuesday, 5-22-07 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

May 23, 2007
Capt. Eric

RobertRon & Robert

Ron and Robert are from Mims, Fl. Ron fished with me one night last season and we had a very productive night (7 keepers). The winds are blowing 20 to 25 out of the SE. and fishing is difficult. Ron and Robert were still amping on catching some Snook and so was I. We eased our way out to catch our pins and pigs at one of my favorite bait spots. Bait wasn’t too thick but we managed to get 4 dozen.

At dark we made our way to the Inlet and started fishing. The tide was still moving fast and we had to wait for a bit. Once the tide began to slow Ron hooked up, the fish was a little short. The next fish Ron caught and it was a little short. Ron had the hot hand, he hooked up again and finally a 27 inch keeper. Robert was taking lessons from Ron. When the next fish was a nice 20lb. Redfish caught by Ron. (nice fish Ron!) Well Ron decided to take a break and let Robert and me catch some fish. The lessons paid off, Robert caught the Mac Daddy of the night with a 34 inches and it was a FATTY!!!

Robert caught a few more shorts and lost a couple of nice ones. I hooked up with a fat one too but lost it at the boat. I would say it was close to the big one that Robert caught. I did manage to put one in the boat that was 29 inches. Well we fished a little longer and Robert caught a few more shorts and then it was time to go. It was a rough, wet ride back! Good thing we went fishing it was a good night. Nice Snook Robert!!!