Monday, 4-30-07 7a.m. to 5p.m.

May 7, 2007
Capt. Eric

Kevins Hoo The weather was perfect, clear and calm and my friend Kevin was in town after 10 years. Well Me, Kevin, and John Headed out. We stopped at the buoy and caught our sardines. Bait was thick and plentiful. We were gonna try a little bottom. I quickly caught a few Sea-bass and a grouper that was just short. I did catch a nice Mangrove Snapper. We managed to catch a few small kings on the surface. Kevin hooked up with a big fish and just couldn’t get the fish up, After few minutes it broke. I also hooked up with a big shark and it whipped my butt.

Well it was time to go drag some baits. We came across a nice weed-line in 150 ft. We lost a nice big Dolphin, I saw it when it hit. That fish hit that bait hard and my line broke. My drag was way too tight, my fault. I know better, always check the drag!! That was a big one too!! Well Kevin hooked up with a Wahoo and we put it in the boat, he was stoked. That was Kevin’s first hoo. We headed back to do some more bottom fishing but had no luck. The day was full of action we caught a lot of fish just only a few worth keeping. Thanks Kevin and John.