Thursday 4-12-07 7am to 7pm

April 13, 2007
Capt. Eric

Capt Hirams Resort Me, Matson and Johnny Atwater. The weather was perfect,its been calm for a few days.My boat was getting serviced yesterday(another perfect day). We headed out to troll for some dolphin we caught 2,10 and 15. Jon lost a nice fish that hit the downrigger, we saw it ,it jumped few times ..(20 or so…) well after that we were on a beautiful rip and weed line but nothing..We decided to head to bethel to get bait!! sardines were there! Capt. Bill Stewart from the Rogue Wave charter boat informed us of a Mangrove Snapper bite!! Thanks Bill!!! well we ended up with 6 nice mangroves.. a short cobia,a couple of chickens,,wish we would could of got the couple that we missed..but what alot of fun..Oh yeah i almost forgot the 40 + lb. king, I hooked it up on my calcutta 400s(15lb test) ,man that was fun..Smoke fish its on its was a full day

..alot of action..That was a definite


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