November 2016

Fall Snook action is on fire at Sebastian Inlet

By | November 8th, 2016|Jacks, Redfish, Snook|

Fall Snook action is on fire at Sebastian Inlet. The winds are still blowing hard and the ocean is still a washer machine. So the offshore fishing has not been doable. Thank god for the Snook fishing at the Sebastian Inlet though. It has been absolutely on fire. Bait is another story though. It has been difficult. Pinfish and Pigs are working best if you can find them. The river has been producing a few Snook and some smaller Trout. We should start seeing the Flounder turn on now that fall is here. Thanks to everyone who has fished with attitude the past couple of weeks. I would not be living my dream with out the support so for that I am very grateful. Thanks again!!!

October 2016

Sebastian Inlet, Snook, Snook, and more Snook

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Sebastian Inlet, Snook, Snook, and more Snook. The winds have not stopped. It has been really windy for the past few weeks. We have had our first cold front move through. The end of October is here. With the windy conditions the Offshore fishing has not been doable. The river fishing has been decent. Some Jacks, Trout, and a few Smaller Snook. The Snook fishing around the Sebastian Inlet has been on fire. Bait has been really difficult but if you can find them the fishing is good. Jacks have been thick on the incoming tide. With another cold front or two we should expect the smaller Gulf Flounder(3 spots) to start moving in followed by the larger Southern Flounder.

Mid October and post Hurricane Mathew

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Mid October and post Hurricane Mathew.

The Sebastian Inlet area dodged a bullet. Hurricane Mathew definitely gave us a scare. Minimum damage to the area. The Attitude Adjustment was untouched. Water levels are high still and the winds still have not stopped.  The fishing is  as good as it gets right now though. The Snook are on fire ever since the storm. The Mullet run is in full swing and there is mullet everywhere. Snook, Jacks, and Redfish are eating like there is no tomorrow.

Offshore- With the conditions being so rough and the swells no one is fishing offshore so no reports.

Thanks to all of my clients(friends) who checked on me and my family during the storm. It means a great deal to me that you think of us. Thanks again!

September 2016

End of September fishing around the Sebastian Inlet

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End of September fishing around the Sebastian Inlet.

The Mullet Run has been happening. It has been a little inconsistent. One day they are thick and then there are none for a few days. When the schools of mullet are around the Tarpon have been there.  There has also been a lot of Spanish Mackerel along the beaches. The Snook bite has been up and down, almost like they are full from the Mullet. Although if you put some time in you will catch a few. The Redfish bite has been good with a few slot size fish being caught. I would think that the fishing will get better over the next couple of weeks, hopefully the Mullet run will come to a end and the fish will get hungry again. The Mullet run is an amazing sight to see but as far as fishing it can be difficult when your one bait in a billion.


September 2016 Snook Season is here and strong!

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September is here and it is time to keep some Snook. One of my favorite things for football season is Snook tacos on Sunday.

Inshore- We have had a couple of weeks of bad weather. The water has warmed up and the fish are chewing again. Snook action is good. They are taking Croakers. I have caught my limit of fish the first 3 days of season. There are still some Trout around the river. I have also noticed some schools of Mullet around the Sebastian Inlet with some Jacks feeding on them as well. Watch for Mullet run coming in the next month.

Offshore- With the ocean being choppy and lots of storms around I have not been offshore or even heard of any reports.

August 2016

Mid-August, Sebastian Inlet reports with attitudefishing

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Mid-August, Sebastian Inlet reports with attitudefishing.

Inshore- The water is still cold in some areas. The fishing is kind of hit or miss. The Redfish have not been affected by the cold water. In fact they have actually been eating more. The Snook are kind of slow moving. With water temps in the low 70’s the bite has been slow. Snook season is Sept. 1 so book your days now.

Offshore-The bottom is still cold and the bite is slow as well. The Amberjacks are in full swing though. The Bull sharks are all over the 90ft. stuff. Look for Cobia with them. We have had some really good Cobia days the past couple of weeks. I also have heard a few reports that some Dolphin are starting to show up out around 150Ft.

I have had some great trips this month but I also have had some time off. I have been just relaxing and getting ready for Snook Season. Thanks to everyone again who help support my dreams. Hopefully you have enjoyed fishing with attitude as much as I enjoyed fishing with everyone. Tightlines!

Atlantic’s cold water, changes up fishing options

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Atlantic’s cold water, changes up fishing options. The bottom temperature  is cold offshore. Every year we get the cold water that comes in for a few weeks. This will change up the fishing instantly. The fishing is pretty slow in general but there is a few different opportunities that happen only when the cold water comes in. Like Catching Cobia off of the Bull Sharks and also off of the Rays out of the Port Canaveral. The smaller Amber Jacks come in to the 90ft. stuff and just take over. Catching them on Medium tackle can be fun.

Inshore- The river is still producing some decent Trout around the Islands and some quiet docks. Early morning with live bait is best chances. There also have been a few decent Snook caught around the docks. The Sebastian Inlet water Temperature has dropped as well. The Snook are really slow. There is and occasional Redfish being caught and a few Jacks.

Offshore-with the cold water on the bottom, fishing is slow. But if you can seem to find the Bull sharks then you might be able to catch a few Cobia. The smaller Amber Jacks are thick as well. So if action is what you want then action and tight lines is what you will get.

I have had some pretty memorable trips the past two weeks. But I love the Cobia action off of the sharks. It is just mayhem when the fish are with the sharks and behind the boat. It was great to see Bill, who just turned 80 hooking up left and right with Cobia and AJ’s. Thank you very much to Bill and everyone else who fished with attitude lately. It is a pleasure fishing with everyone and I am very fortunate to be your guide. Many memorable moments on each trip. Snook season opens next month and I am already booking dates so book yours soon!

July 2016

Fishing around Sebastian Inlet aboard the Attitude Adjustment

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Fishing around Sebastian Inlet aboard the Attitude Adjustment. The weather has just been downright HOT! It is extremely hot this time of year so remember to hydrate quite frequently.

Inshore-The Snook fishing has been good, The bigger fish are on the beaches. There has been some Tarpon along the beaches from Melbourne beaches to Cocoa. Look for the bait pods. The Trout bite has been decent in the river. Using live bait most fish are in the 20 inch range. The big Jack Crevalle have been inside the Sebastian Inlet and a few schools along the beaches.

Offshore- The cold water up welling is starting to fill in. Look for Cobia fishing to improve. The shoals should start holding some fish. Look for Rays and Sharks. The bottom fishing will slow down. Slow troll live baits might be the best bet for action.

Thanks to everyone who has fished with Attitude the past few weeks. I really appreciate your support and allowing me a chance to show you and your family and friends a good time. One last thing, I have the camping and fishing package now available for anyone who wants to live a little, great for a small family! Check out the camping page for more info.

Happy 4th of July and tight lines, America!!!

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Happy 4th of July and tight lines, America!!!
I am feeling kind of patriotic as it sit here and write on this fabulous 4th of July morning. Everyone, we should be living for tomorrows generation, let’s live for our Kids and Grandkids, so they have a chance to live and love with mother nature. Let’s protect our waters. Let’s show them that hard work and discipline is rewarding, lead by example! May everyone love and cherish these great moments as we celebrate this 4th of July.

June 2016

Sebastian Inlet fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment

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Sebastian Inlet fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. The weather has changed a bit. The winds have picked up out of the east. The ocean is blown out and choppy. The moon was full on the 20th. The forecast says the weather is going to calm down before the weekend so hopefully we will get back to the flat summer conditions.

Offshore- Before the winds started the bottom fishing had slowed down a bit. We were still catching a few Snapper but just having to work a little harder. A few smaller Kingfish on surface baits. There also a few reports of Cobia around. If your lucky you might even get a Dolphin to swim up to the boat so always have a rod ready with a live bait hook.

Inshore- Along the beaches the Bonita are still going off on the glass minnows which are a lot of fun on light tackle. Also some nice Spanish Mackerel along the beaches. The Snook are spawning in the surf along the beach. The Croakers are close to the beach and work great for the Snook. Make sure to safely release the out of season Snook. Redfish and Jacks have shown back up inside the Sebastian Inlet.

Some highlights of last week, Mike catching a nice Dolphin that swam up to the boat while we were bottom fishing. Ryan and his son catching a big Goliath. Thanks to everyone who fished with Attitude the past week. Hope everyone had a memorable trip! Please if you read this and have a second, drop a comment! Thanks again!