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28 05, 2018

Memorial Day!

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Thank you to those who have served and sacrificed so we can live free in this great country!

21 05, 2018

Spring is almost over, hoping for a great summer

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Spring is almost over and summer is around the corner. I had a amazing spring. The fishing has not been like the past few years, but still has been good to say the least. I want to thank everyone who has fished with me this past year and makes attitudefishing a reality. I have been through a lot of changes this past year. Some good and some bad. I apologize for not keeping up with my posts. It is a lot of work to fish everyday. I am a one man show and put most my energy into being able and ready to catch the next fish. Tough to keep up with website posts. I do however posts almost everyday on Facebook and Instagram. On either site you can follow me @ attitudefishing.

The Attitude Adjustments  engine blew a few weeks ago. 3 1/2 yrs and 2700 hrs old and it went. Not to stoked with Yamaha for not standing behind there product more. Pretty bad when a company penalizes you for using and promoting there product commercially. They did help just enough to make it worth not scrapping and switching to another Engine. But now It is all fixed with a brand new power head. A big thanks to Steve Naeder for doing the work and getting her back on the water. She is running great with a brand new life.

With all the rain and the engine problems the past few weeks, I am very anxious to get back to fishing. So summer is coming soon and if you have not booked your trip already then call me! Evenings are always best! And always quicker reply from phone call or text!

2 02, 2018

Spring 2018 Snook Season and Spring break

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Spring 2018 Snook Season and Spring break

Well we have had a really cold winter. The coldest in a few years. the Snook seem to be still here though. The water temp is 65 right now. The bite is not on fire but there are a few fish being caught. Today was opener and we caught our limit of keepers. I would think the bite will just get better as spring approaches. I have already booked a good amount of days for February, March and even April. If there was a date that your interested in please get a hold of me as soon as possible so we can reserve it for you. I am very excited for the spring fishing and look forward to fishing with you. Thank you!

2 02, 2018

2018, Its a new year and it is time to fish

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Not sure where to start, October was my last post and time has been going by so fast. First, I would like to thank each and everyone who helped make 2017 my best year yet. It was a record setting and I am very thankful.  I really enjoy putting everyone on fish and will continue to always work my hardest to make sure we catch fish. So, with all that being said THANKS AGAIN and hope to fish again with everyone again 2018.

Second, I will not be keeping the bigger boat and running offshore trips. I currently have the boat up for sale. Finding another Capt. to run it seems to be more of a problem than I figured. So sorry for misleading you. It is a goal of mine to have a offshore boat. For now it just does not seem to be in the budget.

Third, I will be going to a once month update. If you would like to see everyday pics then please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I do post everyday that I fish on those 2 sites. Please search attitudefishing.

Last, If you are looking for a quick response or would like to book a trip then the best way is to call me any evening. Evenings  are usually best because of fishing during days. Sorry I am a old school and just cant seem to get to my email everyday! Sorry! but I do look forward to talking and fishing with you!

23 10, 2017

October fishing around the Sebastian Inlet

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October has been a good month for fishing Sebastian Inlet. With all the rain we have had, the fresh water level is very high in the Sebastian Inlet. Even with the dirty fresh water that is around, the Sebastian inlet fishing has been pretty decent. The finger Mullet are still around. We have caught lots of slot size Redfish on the incoming tides with the Mullet. The Snook bite has been good as well. They are eating Mullet but been doing best with Pigfish. We have had lots of crap weather this past month. But when able to fish we have been getting our slot fish and many more.

Offshore- no reports with all the bad conditions.

Attitude Adjustment II is coming along, hopefully will be ready for some trips come November.

25 09, 2017

Fall Snook season 2017 is on fire!

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Fall Snook season 2017 is on fire! Sorry I have not updated since early August. I have been pretty busy fishing. Then Hurricane Irma hit and I have not had internet service for about 2 weeks now. We made it out alright from the storm, nothing major. I did loose the canvas on Attitude Adjustment II. So that will be another couple of weeks until she is ready to start running trips.

Snook season has been open since the 1st of Sept. The bite has been really good. We have the Mullet run happening as well. with all the hurricanes out there we have had lots of wind and swell, so we have not been able to run the beaches and fish the Tarpon. Pretty much just Snook fishing and catching a few Reds and Jacks in the mix. Most of the Reds right now are slot size. I did post all the pics from the past 2 months, so make sure and look back in the gallery. I promise to make sure and update at least once a month for now on. Pics I will upload once a week. Thanks again for fishing with Attitudefishing.

2 08, 2017

Summer fishing on the Attitude Adjsutment

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Summer fishing on the Attitude Adjustment. July has come and gone. The fishing was pretty decent. The weather has been just down right Hot! One thing about summer fishing is there is a lot of options. Offshore, the bottom has been a little slow.  Near the surface there has been some Kingfish, Amber Jacks, and the Bull sharks are around and holding some Cobia if you are lucky.

Inshore the Snook bite has been decent. But remember the season is closed until September 1st. There has been a few Redfish on the outgoing tides, they are taking crabs. There has been a few Tarpon on the beaches around some of the bait pods. Sebastian Inlet is always a great place to fish and is also a very cool place to dive in the summer when the water is clear.  Usually best on the incoming tides.

I have been super busy in July. Fishing and working on the Attitude Adjustment II which is coming along nicely. Booking Offshore trips soon enough. Lets hope for a great August and Sept. 1st will be here before we know it.

9 07, 2017

Mid-July fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment

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Mid-July fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. June-July has been decent. We have had some cold water here and there. The bottom fishing has been hit and miss. Mangroves, Cobia, and Kingfish are what is most likely.  The Threadfins have been pretty thick up and down the beach. Around the Sebastian Inlet the fishing has been pretty good as well. The Snook are feeding and the Redfish are taking crabs on the outgoing. There have been some Tarpon, Sharks, and Jacks along the beaches around the schools of bait.

The weather has been extremely hot. There have been some afternoon thunderstorms but that is pretty normal for this time of year.

The Attitude Adjustment II is coming along nicely. Probably another month and she will be ready for trips. So let me know if your interested! Thanks again to each and everyone who continues to fish with Attitude.

14 06, 2017

Summer on the Attitude Adjustment

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Summer on the Attitude Adjustment. Sebastian Inlet is a great place to visit and fish during summer. The weather has been lousy the past 2 weeks,  lots of rain and wind. The water temp has also been cold in areas. Seems a little early for the cold water and bait has been difficult. Hopefully things change soon! We have had some decent catches though the past month, just having to work a little harder. I have recently purchased a bigger boat to start running some offshore bottom fishing trips,  so check back for updates. Hope everyone has a great summer and be safe!  Thanks again to everyone who continues to fish with and support attitudefishing.

12 05, 2017

Mid May fishing along the treasure coast

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Mid May fishing along the treasure coast. Wow, It has been a little over a month since my last post. I need to quit slacking and keep up. I have been super busy fishing and just living Dad life. The full moon right now has everything a little slow. Hopefully once we get away from this full moon the bait will show back up.

Offshore- The Mangrove bite at night has been decent. There are a few Dolphin around in the 180ft. -250ft. range. Grouper season is open! Hopefully it stays calm enough to get out some more and fish.

Imshore- The Snook fishing is tough right now, though we have had one of the best springs that I have ever seen. Bait is just difficult the last week. There have been some Reds on top around the Sebastian Inlet. They are sucking down crabs. Big school of Jacks up and the beach, lots of fun on top water.