5 03, 2012

Friday, 3-02-12 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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21 02, 2012

Thursday, 2-16-2012 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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John C.

Wanting  to try something different today. I have heard of reports of Cobia showing up out of the Port Canaveral.  John and I headed up there and set out on our search. We stopped on a few buoys and fished. I caught one small Triple Tail. We also caught a dozen pinfish for bait. Once we got out to were the rays and Cobia have been,  I saw a Ray jump and the boat that was just a bit closer than we were got to it first and hooked up a nice Cobia.  We continued our search, I noticed a few more Rays jumping. We were having a hard time getting over to them before they went down. Finally, we got lucky and got close enough to make a cast. There were 3 Cobia on this Ray. I threw first and hooked up the biggest of the 3. John made a cast but threw the bait off. That was it, the fish left the scene and we landed the one that I had hooked up. It ended up being right at 40lbs. We continued to search but no luck. The day was getting late and it was getting difficult to see.

14 10, 2011

Thursday, 10-13-11 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Weather was perfect. Calm wind and seas were 1-2ft. The tide in the Sebastian Inlet is incoming in the morning. The switch of tides is early afternoon. With the calm seas, I figured it would be a good day to look for some Cobia. Ken and I searched til we found a good weedline in some cleaner water. We found some small Triple Tail. I did catch one that was 20″ keeper. Let me tell you that was some seriously good eating! yums!  We found three different Cobia.

First Cobia we choked on. It was the big one too. It was probably 50lbs. We spotted it twice more but no luck. Finally came across a 25lber that we put in the box.  The next fish was short and we released it. We missed the Snook bite at the inlet but Ken caught a Jack and we seen a few Reds caught. It was a great day on the water. It had been too long since my last day in the ocean.

7 05, 2011

Sunday, 5-1-11 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Tim and Robert

16 03, 2011

Tuesday, 3-15-11 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Dave is from Wisconsin. He was down here for work and saved a day to go fishing. He was wanting to hunt for the Cobia. We met up at the Inlet Marina in the morning. There were a lot of clouds and the visibility was bad.  The winds were calm and the ocean was flat. All we needed was the clouds to burn off. We searched for the first half of the day with clouds and no luck.

Around 12 p.m.  the clouds moved through and the sun came out. We came across one Ray with two fish on it. Dave’s first cast was just short and his second cast was too far behind. The ray went down and that was that. We continued searching and nothing. Everything we did see like turtles were very spooky! We decided to give up on the area where I caught them the day before. We searched and searched and finally came across some rays and pods of bait. I spotted a Triple Tail and quickly set Dave up with a chunk bait. He made a great cast and presented that bait perfectly. Fish on! That was a great ice breaker! Got the skunk off! We searched a bit more and came across a few turtles hanging together in this one area.  I spotted a free swimmer and Dave made the perfect cast. He threw a jig and reeled it super fast the Cobia  spotted it and took off after it. He stopped it perfectly and the fish slammed it! FISH ON! It was awesome, one of the coolest hook ups that i have witnessed. Nice Job Dave! That was a great fish!  We were super stoked and the choppy ride home wasn’t even a factor..lol     Thanks again Dave for the trip it was a lot of fun fishing with you. Hope we can do it again!

28 06, 2010

Thursday, 6-25-10 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Jim, Forrest, and Brian

It is Hot!! A little swell in the ocean right now so we decided to stay inside. We caught two nice Triple Tail. One was caught by Brian and it went 10lb. and Jimmy got the second fish that was about 8lb. I missed my shot.  Good quick day. A lot of  fun. Man is that triple Tail tasty.  The moon is getting pretty full.

6 04, 2010

Monday, 4-05-10 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Jared and I

First off, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I fished a lot over the weekend, in fact Easter was the only day that I did not fish,  just a chill day on the beach. Well that was enough for me to go looking for Cobia.  The weather has been beautiful, calm and sunny for days. The water temp. is coming up quick and it is about 70 to 71 degrees along the beaches around Sebastian. We launched the boat at the Inlet Marina. We headed out towards Bethel, there was bait on the buoy but they wouldn’t hit a sabiki.  We went off and fished the ledge for the morning. Not much action, we fished a few spots and had two Cobia swim to the boat. Jared hooked one up and lost it twice. It was close to being a keeper. They swam off as quick as they came up to the boat.

It was 1 p.m. and we decided to head in and start looking around. We got on the other side of the shoal and we had some luck. First, we ran across a floating buoy ball and there was a small Triple Tail under it. I casted a jig with a shrimp and let it sink. The Triple Tail went for it and it was fish on! I landed the fish and it 15 inches, barely a keeper so I safely released it back. Second, we ran into some manta rays swimming on the surface. We both made a few casts on it. Jared hooked up and landed  a 20 pound Cobia.  Jared landed the next Cobia, which was a little smaller at 18 pounds. While he was hooked up with his fish, I lost a 40 lb approx. We moved on with our two fish and came across a set of two rays that had one fatty on it.  After several attempts on it, Jared finally got the fish to bite.  He fought it for awhile and landed it, it was 31 pounds. With Three fish in the box, we continued our search for the final fourth. I was up on my perch and was spotting and noticed a free swimmer. It was a nice fish. Jared spotted it as well and positioned me for a cast. I missed the first and figured I only had one more shot before Quick Draw Mcdraw Jared  took a cast. It was a perfect shot five feet out in front. I jigged it once and it was on!!! This was a good fish. Man I couldn’t believe it what a blast, a good fight.  Jared gaffed it and was biggest yet. It weighed 401/2 lbs. Good enough for first place in the Whitey’s tournament, so far. There is still a lot of April left.

3 12, 2009

Tuesday, 12-01-09 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Dave and Chipper
004The weather was perfect. We heard about a Triple Tail bite out of the port. So we headed up and decided to give it a try. We stopped and picked up some live shrimp. Only a few decent size shrimp out of 3 dozen. We fished a few buoys before Dave hooked up and landed the first Triple Tail of the day. It was just 15 inches. We moved to couple other buoys before our next fish. I hooked up the next fish and it was a biggie. Fish on ! We pulled it off the chain and it made a few good runs. Man those fish can pull. It’s been awhile since I felt a good size Trip. When I first started fishing in the area I use to fish the Port for Trips, Cobia, and Snook and I use to catch a lot back then. The fish was 16lbs. Not my biggest but a respectable Triple Tail. Well that was it for me, not another hit for the rest of the day. Chipper stepped up and caught two decent Trips around the 7lb. range. Well, there were two good fish lost as well. Thanks too the Blue Hydro sport who gave us some shrimp. I forgot your name, sorry. Drop me a email if u read this.

14 03, 2009

Tuesday, 3-10-09 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Mom and I

Tuesday, 3-10-08 9 a
My Mom was in town for my B-day. I wanted to take her fishing out of the Port. We stopped and picked up some live Shrimp on the drive up. The weather was perfect and the fish should start showing up now that is warming up. We fished a few buoys on the way out. I decided to go north and look for some free swimmers. About five minutes later, I spotted a nice Triple Tail and circled around to see if I could get a shot. I made the cast and hooked up the 10lb. fish and handed it to my Mom. The fish jumped a few times and made a few good, hard runs. Moms did a great job of fighting that fish to the boat.

After that we ran everywhere looking for something holding fish. We went north then a good ways to the south. I found out later where the Cobia where. On the way in I went back to were we started and found a little something. Made a cast and hooked up a nice 8lb. Triple Tail. I wish we could of fished it longer, because of the scheduled launch we got told to leave the area from the Coast Guard. I got the spot for next time though. That was a fun day with Moms. Thanks Mom, I love you!

18 12, 2008

Wednesday, 12-17-08 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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