2 08, 2017

Summer fishing on the Attitude Adjsutment

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Summer fishing on the Attitude Adjustment. July has come and gone. The fishing was pretty decent. The weather has been just down right Hot! One thing about summer fishing is there is a lot of options. Offshore, the bottom has been a little slow.  Near the surface there has been some Kingfish, Amber Jacks, and the Bull sharks are around and holding some Cobia if you are lucky.

Inshore the Snook bite has been decent. But remember the season is closed until September 1st. There has been a few Redfish on the outgoing tides, they are taking crabs. There has been a few Tarpon on the beaches around some of the bait pods. Sebastian Inlet is always a great place to fish and is also a very cool place to dive in the summer when the water is clear.  Usually best on the incoming tides.

I have been super busy in July. Fishing and working on the Attitude Adjustment II which is coming along nicely. Booking Offshore trips soon enough. Lets hope for a great August and Sept. 1st will be here before we know it.

13 06, 2016

Summer fishing family fun! Attitude Adjustment!

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Summer fishing family fun! Attitude Adjustment! June is here and the heat that comes with it. We have had our first tropical storm already which has brought tons of rain to the Sebastian Inlet area. Snook season is closed.

Memorable moments from the past 2 weeks, Jeff and his son Blake catching a 40lb. Cobia. Doug, Jim, and Stephanie from Saltwater and Sport fishing Magazine having a good day aboard the Attitude Adjustment.

Inshore fishing has been rather slow. The river water is dirty with all the fresh water being let out of the St. Sebastian River. Along the beaches we are finding some schools of Jacks and some Tarpon roaming around. A few kings on live bait in the 40ft. range. Schools of Bonita are frothing along the beaches, which is great fun with light tackle.

Offshore fishing, Bottom fishing is good with some decent catches of Mangrove Snapper and of course Red Snapper. A few Cobia are showing up curious and ready to take a bait. The Bull sharks are also in force but no Cobia on them. Amber Jacks are pretty thick and hungry so bring your muscles. The weather is pretty flat and calm, so get out early and get in before the afternoon thunderstorms.
Thanks to everyone who fished with Attitude the past few weeks. Hope everyone enjoyed there trips. You know I would love to receive comments here on this site. So please take a few minutes and drop a positive comment. Thanks again!

3 10, 2014

Thursday, 10/02/14 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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DCIM100GOPROJohn is from North Carolina. He was down here doing a job, since it was his birthday and always wanting to catch a Tarpon he decided to do a fishing trip. With the Mullet run in full force, he could not have picked a better time. We met up at the Inlet Marina in the morning. We headed south of the Sebastian Inlet in search of the silver king. We found a few in a small schools and had a couple of hook ups with a couple of jumps. Also a lot of sharks just taking our tackle.

The Tarpon disappeared and it was time continue our search. Well good thing we kept moving down the beach. Because about another 3 miles south and we came across a huge school of Mullet with hundreds of Tarpon. We stayed with them for about an hour or so jumping and losing a few more until finally John got a hook to stick. It was a awesome sight, the Tarpon jumped with in a few feet of the boat right when John hooked up. Then it when on a huge long fast run. It eventually jumped a couple more times and with the hook still in place I knew there was a good chance that we had this one. After 30 minutes of fighting the fish finally came to the boat. We took some great pics and safely released it. John , it was a true pleasure to meet and fish with you.  Thanks again for fishing with me. Hopefully we will do it again in the future. Happy Birthday!


3 10, 2014

Wednesday, 10/01/14 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Brian and Betsy

DCIM100GOPROBrian and Betsy live in Jacksonville. They were camping at the Sebastian Inlet and wanted to try the fishing. The Mullet run is in full force. We fished the tip of the south jetty and caught some Reds, Jacks, and even a nice 6lb. Flounder.

Once the tide slacked and started to come in we decided to run the beach and search for the Tarpon. It did not take long and we found a huge school of Mullet getting hammered by lots of Tarpon and Sharks. We had a few hook ups before Betsy got one to stick on the hook. She did a great job of fighting and eventually an hour later landing it. We took some pictures and then safely released it. Thanks Brian and Betsy for fishing with Attitude.  It was fun fishing and meeting you both.


30 09, 2014

Monday, 9/29/14 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Bruce and Jeannie,

DCIM100GOPROBruce and Jeannie are from Wisconsin We met up at the Inlet Marina in the morning. We ran the beach looking the Tarpon on the school of Mullet. The Mullet run is in full effect now. We seen a steady line of mullet all the way down the beach. once we got to some clean water we came across a feeding frenzy. The sharks and Tarpon were going nuts.

We hooked up two Tarpon, the first run broke off and the second Jeannie hooked it up. She did a great job of keeping it on during the several jumps. She fought that Tarpon for about 30 mins. before Bruce took over and finished the job. Once we got it to the side of the boat I got a hold of it and we took some great pics then safely released it. The storms were coming in and we decided to shorten the trip. Thanks Bruce and Jeannie for fishing with Attitude. It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you.


11 06, 2012

Monday, 6-11-12 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Chipper and Andrew

Wanting to fish something different, We decided to try and fish out of Ft. Pierce. It’s been a long time since I have fished out of Ft. Pierce Inlet. The weather was nice, a little windy out of the S.E.  No problems making it south to the boils. Along the way we stopped and scooped our crabs!  We only got a dozen.

Once we arrived and started fishing we spotted a school of Tarpon working there way to the North. We put on circle hooks and pitched a few crabs in. We chased the school for about a mile or two. Andrew hooked up first, he fought his fish about 10 min. and was having a hard time with the light tackle pulling the fish away from his school. Ended up loosing it.  Just a minutes later Chipper and I doubled up on two nice Tarpon. We both fought our fish for a bit. I landed mine and got a picture or two, while his was still running with his school. Just as I released mine and we started to head to chippers fish it broke. He was using extremely light tackle. I caught mine on 20lb. mono with 40lb. leader.

After Tarpon fishing we went back to the boils and fished for Permit. Chipper hooked up first and ended up loosing it after a few big runs.  I got the next hit but never got a hook up. Just then Andrew was next to me and it was like it took mine and went to his and he hooked up. FISH ON! Man can those fish scream. He did a great job of fighting that Permit. It ended up 16lbs. Well that was it we were out of crabs. It was a great day. A lot of fun! fishing those boils. I’ll be going back soon! Ha Ha!


8 06, 2011

Wednesday, 6-7-11 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Dan, Jim, Taylor, and Jack

The weather is a little windy. The ocean is 3-4 ft. and choppy. The Tide in the Inlet was out going til about 10 a.m.  Dan, Jim, Taylor, and Jack are from Georgia.  The flats were a little slow. Taylor caught one small Trout.  We tried to fished the inlet for a bit,  that did not go to well. It was pretty rough. There were some Reds and Snook feeding out in front of the jetty. Got to have Croakers right now for the Snook.  With a couple of them feeling pretty rough themselves we were forced back inside. It was getting really windy so I suggested we go up in the Sebastian River and target Tarpon. Jack hooked up and had a great fight with a small Tarpon.  Jack is 12 years old and did a great job of fighting and landing that fish. That was a lot of fun!  Talk about one fish saving the day!   Thanks again guys for fishing with attitude!  Hope to see your crew next year!

16 08, 2010

Friday, 8-13-10 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Capt. Eric and John A.

I decided to run to the north and seek the Tarpon. I was by myself and was on a mission to find some action.  I traveled north towards Indialantic, zig zagging  in and out. Tons of schools of greenies all the way up the beach. Nothing on them. As I reached Ocean Ave. area I came upon pods of Pogies. The birds were having a field day. Tarpon were crashing baits. I quickly grabbed my cast net and got more than I could use. Barely could get the net up in the boat. I put a pogie on a big circle hook and let it out the back. It wasn’t long and I jumped the first Tarpon. A few more baits produced a Bluefish and a 3 ft Shark. Tarpon were crashing everywhere, it was sick. Very cool sight!

I finally got hooked up with a monster Tarpon. It came out of the water jumping and running, I thought after 20 mins. how  the heck am I gonna land this beast myself.  Well I lost it a few moments later. That didn’t stop me from getting another bait out as quickly as I could. About two minutes went bye and it was on again! This time It was bigger and jumping more. After it was done jumping and I was still hooked up, I knew I had this one. I needed some help though. I wanted to get pictures too. I called John who lives real close to where I was. I asked him to grab his surfboard and paddle out to me and give me a hand. John was on it! He was there paddling out to me in 5 mins. I pulled it up to the boat and we got some video and pics. That fish whipped my ass. Man, it’s been awhile since I went to battle. 🙂 That was awesome, I so needed that. I think it was total about 40 mins. of tug of war.

Now it was John’s turn. He jumped one fish before hooking into the one he would battle with.  John was hooked up for at least 30 minutes before we finally got it boat side. We took some good pics of that one before releasing it. What a great fishing trip. That was some of the best Tarpon action that I have been involved in. Thank you John for your help and always being up for an adventure….Definably one cool memory!!!! Now that was fun!!!!

13 12, 2009

Friday, 12-11-09 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Miguel, Brian, Chip, Anthony, and Philip

19 06, 2009

Friday, 6-12-09 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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Jason and Jeremy
003Jason and Jeremy wanted a shot at the night time action at the inlet. We met up at the ramp around 5 p.m.
Croakers were pretty plentiful pins were a little tougher. After catching bait we started fishing. The tide was still outgoing at dark. They missed a couple of good hits before Jason hooked up with a 20lb. Tarpon. It was pretty cool. We landed and snapped a few pics before releasing it. The bite was pretty fair that night. When the tide switched Jason and Jeremy each caught and released a few good size Snook. Thanks guys for both trips. Hope to fish with the both of you again in the future.