17 06, 2015

Light tackle sportfishing offshore Sebastian Inlet

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Light tackle sportfishing offshore Sebastian Inlet with Bobby and Angie. They are from Georgia. What a great day! The weather was absolutely perfect. We departed from the Inlet Marina at 7 a.m.  We cast netted Pilchards before heading out. Fishing was a little slow at first. Bobby hooked up with a solid Sailfish. He did a great job of fighting and landing it. We took some great pics and safely released it. We also caught three Mangroves and a big Bonita on that spot.

We decided to move south and try. What a great choice we made. We caught 5 Dolphin biggest was 35lbs.  We also caught 4 Cobia, 2 were to small and 2 were keeper. What a great day! Bobby and Angie were great to fish with. Thank you Bobby and Angie for all your support. I hope you enjoyed all that fresh fish. I hope to see you again in November.

15 06, 2015

Offshore bottom fishing charter

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Offshore bottom fishing charter aboard the Attitude Adjustment. Pat, Mike, Don, and Tom had a great day of fishing. We departed from the Inlet Marina at 7 a.m. The weather was a little windy, creating a little chop on the ocean. We cast netted Pilchards and caught some Pinfish before heading offshore.

We caught a couple of Kingfish, 3 Dolphin, a Mangrove Snapper, few Red Snapper, Bonita, Trigger, SeaBass, lots of Jacks, and a Monster Mutton Snapper. Tom did a great job of getting that Mutton up. It was a action packed day and a lot of fun fishing with Pat, Mike, Don, and Tom. Thanks guys for fishing with Attitude, It was a pleasure to fish with you all. Hope you enjoy the fresh fish.

12 06, 2015

Offshore Sebastian Inlet bottom fishing

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Offshore bottom fishing with John, Chris, and Allison. We left from John’s house at 7 a.m. It was a good thing we went in John’s 31 Edgewater. What a beautiful ride. We threw the net a few times and loaded up on the Pilchards before we left the Sebastian Inlet. The bite was a little slow most of the day. We caught a Kingfish, one Mutton Snapper, a few Seabass, Amber Jacks, and lots of small Red Snapper. We did lose a few good ones on the bottom. Lots of action just not much for the box. We tried about 5 different spots before we decided to call it a day. Thanks again John, Chris, and Allison it is always a lot of fun to fish with you. We will put a hurting on the next time!

3 06, 2015

Snook and Snapper fishing

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Snook and Snapper fishing with Jeff and his son Brook. Jeff and Brook fished with me last year. The storms were in the area early this morning. We decided to meet up around 10:30 a.m. We went and caught some bait. The Snook bite was a little slow for the fist two hours of the outgoing tide. Brook did have one on and lost it next to the boat. The bite eventually turned on and we started to get hits every few minutes. They caught several nice Snook and two mangrove Snapper.

We also lost a couple of Snook to the Goliath Grouper that are sitting there just waiting for you to hook up. It is quite the sight to see but very frustrating at the same time.  Thanks Jeff for coming fishing again with me. It was fun to fish with you and Brook again. Hope you guys have a great cruise and summer. Hopefully we will see you again next year.

10 05, 2015

Offshore bottom fishing, Sebastian Inlet

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John and Ken

We went offshore bottom fishing out of the Sebastian Inlet. The weather was perfect after a solid week of it being bad. The pilchards are still thick. It was late, 10 a.m. when we finally left the Inlet Marina and headed offshore. The tide in the Inlet was incoming. The ocean was flat and we had no problem running 30 mph. all the way out. The Snapper bite was decent. We all caught Red Snapper. We caught a small Dolphin that came up to us while we were bottom fishing. We also caught 5 Mangrove Snapper, 2 small Gags, and 3 Lion fish. It was a fun day of fishing with some good friends.


23 04, 2015

Bottom fishing offshore Sebastian Inlet

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John, Gay, Steve, and MaeBeth

Went bottom fishing offshore Sebastian Inlet with John, Gay, Steve, and MaeBeth. We went out in John and Gay’s Edgewater, a beautiful boat.  The ocea was slightly choppy in the morning. There were a few storms around which we got stuck in. With the constant switching of wind directions making anchoring on a spot nearly impossible We had a tough time catching anything.

Once the storms moved through and things calmed down we moved to a new area where we were able to get on some nice fish. John caught a nice Grouper. Gay caught her first grouper. Steve caught a decent Trigger.  MaeBeth caught a good Cobia and everyone caught a handful of Red Snapper and Small Amberjack. It ended up being a great day of fishing with a great group. Thanks again John for letting me Captain your boat and believing in my fishing skills. I am always grateful.

22 04, 2015

Inshore and Offshore fishing, Sebastian Inlet

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Chris, Holly, and Ray

We started inshore for the Sebastian Inlet Snook, then went offshore to bottom fish. Chris and Holly own Black Dog Bait and Tackle in Melbourne Beach. The weather was perfect today with no winds in the morning but by the afternoon it was a north. The tide in the Sebastian Inlet was outgoing till about 9 a.m. and the Snook were not biting.

Once the tide slacked we headed offshore to 60ft and slow trolled a few Pilchards. Chris caught a Bonita and Holly hooked up and landed a solid 30lb. Kingfish. The bottom was marking up really well but the bite was a little slow. Ray caught a small Mangrove and a couple small Seabass. Holly caught a decent size Nurse Shark. We also lost a nice fish on the flat line. We headed back in to the Sebastian Inlet and drifted a few times with the Pilchards and caught several Jacks. The time was about 1:30 p.m. and Holly and Chris needed to get back to the shop. Thanks Ray, Chris, and Holly it was fun fishing with you.

3 04, 2015

Thursday, 4/02/15 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Dave and Jenny…trip#2

rsz_gopr0045What a great day of fishing. The weather was perfect. We started off the morning cast netting and getting plenty of Pilchards. We headed straight offshore to some 85ft. stuff. We mixed it up a little with some slow trolling and bottom fishing. Jenny caught a really nice Mutton Snapper and a big Mangrove Snapper. Dave caught a nice Mangrove as well.

The kingfish on the flat line and the slow troll were going nuts. Dave and Jenny caught there limit of Kings and released several. It was a fun day with perfect weather and tons of action. It felt great to be offshore. Thanks again Dave and Jenny for fishing with me. It is always a pleasure fishing with you two. Hope you enjoy the fresh Snapper.


23 03, 2015

Sunday, 3/22/15 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Henry and Melissa

rsz_1gopr0164Henry and Melissa from Tallahassee have fished with me once a couple of years back. They wanted to go offshore and what a perfect day it was to do just that. We met first thing this morning at the Inlet Marina which is part of the Sebastian Inlet State Park. Bait was not an issue. A couple of throws with the net and we had plenty of mullet and pilchards. Next stop was 19 miles out in 90ft. The bite was on! Red Snapper were tearing it up. They landed some nice ones. The AJ’s were also eating in full force.  We got a few of them as well. Henry also caught big Gag Grouper, to bad it was not season.

We decided to move in a bit to 80ft. It was a great call. We got a mix of Snappers, a nice Trigger and A solid Cobia which hit the flat line. Overall a great day! a lot of fun! felt great to get offshore and do some bottom fishing. Thanks Henry and Melissa for fish with me again. Hope to see you guys more in the future. Hope you enjoy all the fresh fish!

31 12, 2014

Tuesday, 12/30/14 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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DCIM100GOPROThe fishing today was good. We caught a lot of fish. Mike met me this morning at the Inlet Marina and we headed offshore for the day. On the first drop he caught a nice Mutton Snapper. After that we caught a lot of Red Snapper, a few Lane Snapper, A big Sheephead, a couple of Spanish Mackerel, a few of Amberjacks,  a few Seabasss, and loss a few big fish that I think were Grouper. The weather was perfect for most of the day. The winds picked up around 3 p.m. and we had long ride in. It was a great day fishing with Mike. Thanks again Mike for all your support. Hope you enjoy the fresh fish.