1 08, 2008

Thursday, 7-31-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Edgar, Melanie, Meagan, and Josh

7-31-08 Edgar,Meagan,Melonie,Josh 006 My Boat is down right now with some serious engine problems. I have to thank Yamaha though for taking care of my engine, free of charge. There is not a better company out there. With a loaner boat from my good friend John C. I was able to book a few charters. Edgar, Melanie, Meagan, and Josh are from Texas. We met up in the morning at Sebastian Inlet. The tide is incoming in the morning, switching around 9:30 a.m.

The croakers are pretty thick, we didn’t have a problem. I didn’t see any bait pods of greenies. We made our way to my spot after catching croakers. The action was a little slow at first. Meagan was on fire, she was pretty much hooked up the whole time. She caught a nice Permit, big Bonita, and some others. Josh caught a decent Kingfish. Edgar caught a big Bonita as well. Melanie hooked up a something big, but we never got a chance to see it. I believe everyone had a few good fish on.

We left around 12:00 p.m. and headed to the Inlet to fish the croakers. The bite was on! and that is a understatement. Everyone caught at least two nice big snook. Melanie had the biggest, aprox. 40″. Edgar had the most 4 or 5 biggies. The summer time Snook fishing can wear out the toughest guy’s around. It is defantley a lot of fun! This was a great trip. Thanks a ton Edgar, Melanie, Meagan, and Josh and I hope to fish with you again next year.

7 07, 2008

Sunday, 7-06-08 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Stuart, Dan, Jim, Lee, Lory, and Campbell

7-06-08 Lory with a Big Permit The weather is sunny and the tide in the Inlet was at the end of Outgoing at 7 a.m. Jim and his family are from the Orlando area. There were six of them, so we split up into threes between two boats. The fishing has been kind of tough during the days. The water is kind of dirty and chilly and it has been so hot. There were a few schools of small greenies right off of the main channel in the river. We also ran into some nice thick schools of greenies just up the beach.

Once we got to the spot we started our drifts. Lee hooked up right off, but lost it after a few seconds. Lory was fishing on Jim’s Boat and she hooked up next with a nice fish. I pulled up next to them and manage to take a few pics. Lory was hooked up with a nice Permit. After some good fighting and long runs, Lory and Stuart landed a nice permit 15-18lbs. We had some more action after that. Campbell caught a good size Jack. Dan caught a Bonita that gave him a heck of a fight. We had to chase it down. He also caught a Barracuda. There were the schools of Snook again, just couldn’t seem to get them to hit. The bite was kind of slow. It was noon and storms were beginning to pop up. We decided to call it. That was still a great day. Thanks Jim and Stuart that was fun fishing with all of you. Make sure to email me I have more pictures for you. Thanks Again!

3 07, 2008

Wednesday, 7-02-08 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Chipper and Dan

7-02-08 Capt Eric M. 7-02-08 Dan A. permit I collected about two dozen crabs the night before. We picked up a two dozen live Shrimp from Whitey’s on the way down. We made it the ramp at 8 a.m. and headed straight to our fishing spot. What a day ! When we got there Chipper hooked right up and landed a monster Snook. I couldn’t believe it, I have seen the schools of Snook but I have never seen them eat like that. Well not at that spot.

I was next to get a bait own and just like that I had a monster Snook on. I caught 3 monsters all together. It took Dan a bit to hook a Snook. His first fish was a Jack. His second was a monster Snook though. Dan also got the only Permit of the day. We ended with a pretty good day. Tons of action!

30 06, 2008

Saturday, 6-28-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Jennifer and John A.

6-28-08 Jennifer Permit The weather is calm, sunny and hot. The fishing is pretty good. We made our way out of the inlet and found the bait pods of greenies. The tide was outgoing in the A.M. After getting plenty of bait we headed to our spot we wanted to fish that day. We started to fish and Jennifer did it again we weren’t there for 5 minutes and she was hooked up with a nice fish. After some good long runs and some hard pulling, we saw it was a permit. It was near 17lbs.

John caught about 4 Black Drums, all were around 20 inches. He also caught about a 4-5 lb. Flounder. John and I each had a shot at a Permit, but no luck. I have this curse on me this year with Permit. This was a fun day though, we had a good day and we came home with dinner. Hopefully this curse is broken now that I gave this older gentlemen a tow back to the dock. I didn’t even accept his money. I just want to break this curse. I want to catch a Permit soon.

26 06, 2008

Wednesday, 6-25-08 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Eric O.

6-25-08 005 This was a good trip. I got a tip that the Permit were near the Inlet so I invited a good friend Eric to check it out. We caught a few baits, croakers. The tide was switching to the outgoing around 4:30 p.m. Once the tide switched we fished the Croakers and I hooked up and landed a fat over sized Snook. A few minutes later Eric caught a Snook about 32 inches.

After a bit we started to spot the crabs coming out on the tide. We netted a few and started fishing them. Eric was on fire, catching 3 Permit 20 to 30 lbs. on light tackle. Well, I just have this curse on me with Permit this year. On this day I had two opportunity’s, the first one the fish Spit the bait right as I was going to set the hook. On my Second chance I broke him off. It was a big fish. My bad……It was a lot of fun any ways. I’ll get me one this year.

24 06, 2008

New Permit Video from 6-21-08 Check it out!!!

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23 06, 2008

Saturday, 6-21-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Jennifer and Matson

6-21-08 Jennifer , Matson 019  This was gonna be a good day. The weather perfect with no wind and just plain hot. We are in our typical summer weather pattern. Hot with afternoon thunderstorms. The tide in the Sebastian Inlet at 7 a.m. was pretty slack switching to incoming. I had my girlfriend Jennifer and a friend Matson who fishes with me when we both have time. The greenies are still thick just outside the Inlet.

With plenty of bait in the live well, we left and started our search. The schools of Bonita are feeding on the glass minnows.  We made a few casts at them but no luck. Once we got the spot, I threw on a live shrimp and tossed it out behind the boat. I handed off the rod to Jennifer and about 20 seconds later she got a hit. She did a great job of hooking up that fish. It was difficult at first to know what it was, but after a couple of trademark runs I knew it was a big Permit. We got most of the fight on video. It was quite the fight, The permit ended up 20lbs. Jennifer caught it on 10lb. test line. Nice catch!

Jennifer was on fire she couldn’t miss. She caught a nice size Bonita, a small Red Snapper, Barracuda, and a big Jack. 5 species, all good fighting fish on 10lb. test. Matson caught himself a Permit. It was smaller around 7 or 8 lbs. and lots of Barracudas. As for me I caught nothing but a good time. My day was made seeing Jennifer catch that big Permit. That was a great day. Check out the video…..

17 06, 2008

Tuesday, 6-17-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Ray, Joan, and Kristie

Kristie hooked up Ray, Joan and Kristie are from the gulf coast of Florida near Tampa. I picked them up at Capt. Hiram’s in the morning. The water temp. has dropped a bit. The tide was coming in when we left the inlet. There was no signs of bait in sight. There were some Bonita exploding on some glass minnows. We got close enough for Ray to cast and hook up twice on Bonita. He landed the first one and handed off the second one to Kristie and she landed it.

Kristie Permit We didn’t stay long before leaving for our fishing spot. Things were slow for awhile when we got there, plus we had no live bait. Ray caught a blue runner and we put out there and a Big Cuda or King hit it. I saw the fish but just could see the back of the fish. It was black so most likely a huge Barracuda. After a few more passes, Kristie hooked up with a good fish. She did a great job of handling the fish. After some good fighting she landed a nice permit. On the next drift she hooked another but it got off. Ray caught a keeper Redfish a few moments after that. It was a beautiful day. No wind but some storms to the west. Thanks again Ray, Joan, and Kristie. I hope you enjoy the fish!

11 06, 2008

Tuesday, 6-10-08 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Adam and Ken

Ken S. Red Adam Permit

25 05, 2008

Saturday, 5-24-08 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Dave, Greg, Mikey, and Joey

5-24-08 Joey Permit  Dave is from Minnesota Mikey and Joey are his boys. Greg lives in S. Dakota and is Dave’s brother-in-law. I picked them up at the Sebastian Inlet State Park boat ramp. The weather was perfect, a light west wind and sunny. We decided to try for Kings and Permit. When we left the Inlet the tide was incoming. The greenies were thick, there were about 6 huge schools on the surface just north. We caught plenty of baits. I also picked up 3 dozen live shrimp.

When we arrived at our spot. I set out a free line and slowed trolled. It only took about 1 minute and there was a fish on. A big Barracuda. We set up drifts over the spot and were sighting schools of permit. Joey was hot handed, this 10 year old can fish. He landed a nice Kingfish and a nice Barracuda. Joey also hooked up a permit for a bit but it broke off. Greg and Joey both lost one as well. Joey hooked up his second permit and landed it all by himself, 15lbs. I’m telling you this kid was impressive. Greg was having a heck of day, just some bad luck. Patience paid off at the end though when he hooked up to a screamer Permit. A fight that he will never forget. It was a nice 20lb. fish. That was so great to hook you guys up. I thank you for everything and it was all my pleasur e. Hopefully we can fish together again soon.