2 07, 2013

Tuesday, 7-02-13 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Jim and his kids(Faith and David)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is plenty of rain around. We managed to avoid it and get a half day of fishing in. We started off catching some Jacks in the Sebastian Inlet. We spotted some Redfish but no luck. After finding a few Crabs we fished them in the outgoing tide.  Faith who is 11 yrs old, hooked up a nice Permit. It gave her one heck of a fight. She had never experienced a fish like that. She did a great job at not giving up. Eventually the hard work paid off. We took a few pics of the action. Thanks Jim for fishing with Attitude, it was a pleasure getting to know you.

11 06, 2012

Monday, 6-11-12 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Chipper and Andrew

Wanting to fish something different, We decided to try and fish out of Ft. Pierce. It’s been a long time since I have fished out of Ft. Pierce Inlet. The weather was nice, a little windy out of the S.E.  No problems making it south to the boils. Along the way we stopped and scooped our crabs!  We only got a dozen.

Once we arrived and started fishing we spotted a school of Tarpon working there way to the North. We put on circle hooks and pitched a few crabs in. We chased the school for about a mile or two. Andrew hooked up first, he fought his fish about 10 min. and was having a hard time with the light tackle pulling the fish away from his school. Ended up loosing it.  Just a minutes later Chipper and I doubled up on two nice Tarpon. We both fought our fish for a bit. I landed mine and got a picture or two, while his was still running with his school. Just as I released mine and we started to head to chippers fish it broke. He was using extremely light tackle. I caught mine on 20lb. mono with 40lb. leader.

After Tarpon fishing we went back to the boils and fished for Permit. Chipper hooked up first and ended up loosing it after a few big runs.  I got the next hit but never got a hook up. Just then Andrew was next to me and it was like it took mine and went to his and he hooked up. FISH ON! Man can those fish scream. He did a great job of fighting that Permit. It ended up 16lbs. Well that was it we were out of crabs. It was a great day. A lot of fun! fishing those boils. I’ll be going back soon! Ha Ha!


22 06, 2010

Monday, 6-21-10 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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The weather has just been so perfect. Hot, but perfect calm. Everyday has been a sheet of glass and I have been able to run full speed. There have been some afternoon thunderstorms to watch out for. Today Thom came over from the west coast and we fished it up. I dipped a few crabs on the way out and the greenies were still thick along the beaches. We ran the beach for a bit and found a school of bait with some BIG JACKS! Thom caught a monster that was 30lb. also a Bonita and a small Cobia as well. There was action all day. We were catching Kings, Barracudas, and Bonita until we were worn out. That is when Thom hooked into a big Permit with one of the three crabs we had in the well. He was fishing with 10lb. test and 25lb. leader. After a 30 min. fight Thom finally pulled the 32lb. fish into the net. Congrats  Thomas!! On the way back we picked up a decent keeper Cobia on the slow troll. Great day! Lots of reel screaming, rod bending action! Thanks again Thom it was great fishing with you again, it had been awhile. Talk to you soon enough.

11 06, 2009

Wednesday, 6-10-09 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Jason and Jeremy
Jason reeling it inJason and Jeremy are friends from Kentucky. Jason fished with me two years ago. We fished night last time. We met at the ramps at the Inlet. We started off netting a few crabs and catching Croakers. No bait along beaches. Once we arrived and started fishing Jason hooked up with a nice size Permit. Jeremy caught couple of big fat Snook. The bite was a little slow. The weather was perfect though. Flat, calm, and sunny. On the way back in we stopped and fished the outgoing tide at the inlet and Jason caught two Snook, a fat 24lb. Snook and another fat 17lb. Jeremy missed a couple of good hits. I believe he did get one at the end though. Not a lot of action but some really good size fish and Florida sunshine.
Jason 24lb Snook

10 06, 2009

Tuesday, 6-09-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Jose, Jorge, Manuel and Jorge Jr.
Double Trouble PermitJose fished with me last week. Jorge works with Jose and Manuel and Jorge Jr. are his sons. We couldn’t ask for better weather. I netted some crabs the night before with my daughter Chloe. So I had a good head start in the morning. We also stopped and got some live Croakers. We ran the beaches and found nothing happening. All the action last week with the baits on the beach and this week no signs of life. Once we arrived at the spot I got baits out pretty quickly and Jorge and Jose both hooked up with big Permit. They were doubled up, it was awesome. They were loving it! They ended up landing both fish. Check out the picture.
Shortly after that Jose hooked up a monster Jack. Not sure who whipped who? But it was fun! Well because of some Immature Punks running up on me and stealing my spot, you know who you are. The bite shut down. I got one thing to say about that. You punks know you were wrong and only you have to deal with yourselves of not being much of men, for that matter even decent human beings. I guess I should feel complimented because you guys are so jealous of my catches that you resorted to stealing. Karma always come around! Well that is enough on that subject.
After the punks left it took a awhile for the fish to come back up. Everyone caught a nice Permit! We ended with 5. On the way back to the Inlet we stopped and fished for Snook and caught 2 big dogs. There was a few misses as well. Well that was another great day of fishing. Thanks again Jose! and Jorge it was a pleasure to fish you and your boys. Manuel I hope your trip to Africa is a success. Thanks again guys!

4 06, 2009

Wednesday, 6-03-09 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Eric O. (Chipper) and I

017The weather is still perfect. The water temp. is near 76. The tide is outgoing in the mornings. I believe it was starting to gout around 8 a.m. We had a little difficult of a time finding good bait size crabs.  After we found a dozen crabs we headed to go fish. We skipped getting croakers. On our run there we found some Bonita ambushing some glass minnows. We both casted out and hooked up on Bonita, it was fun on the light tackle. We also had a Cobia right under the boat which I threw a crab to it and it wouldn’t eat.  After a that we moved on. Once we arrived and started fishing, it took a few drifts and Chipper hooked up and landed the first fish of the day.  Go figure, a  Cobia on a live crab. It was a little short.  After that he hooked up a small Permit, but what a fight on his Stella 3000.  Chipper caught the next one too, which was a little bigger near 15lbs.  He was 2 up on me. Well, that didn’t last long I put the next two in the boat to even the score.

We started hooking up the Snook that are there as well.  I lost one Monster at the boat and Eric lost a few as well.  I finally put one on the boat that was 24 lbs. and Eric ended landing one that was just a little smaller. Chipper also caught another Permit.  We decided to head back to the Inlet and on the way we ran back into the Bonita and Caught one more each. We just can’t pass the fun up. Well that was a great day! We ripped the fish and safely released every fish. Check the pics and I will get some video up, so check back soon!!!


2 06, 2009

Tuesday, 6-02-09 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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fishing-charters-008What a day. It was perfect from the start. Weather was beautiful. Man, I love Sebastian Florida.  Jose Is from the Orlando area and is in management sales. We have been trying to get together and fish for a month or so but the weather is always crud. We met up at Sebastian Inlet boat ramp and went straight to a near by beach and caught some crabs. We could only get 11. Next we caught a few live baits, which we never even used.

Once we arrived at the spot Jose casts a crab out and gets a hit.  He hooks up on a nice Permit. He does a good job of fighting that fish. It was 14lbs. On the next drift he gets hit again and lands a 12lb. Permit. Next drift he misses the hit. Next Drift he hooks up again and grabs the spool and breaks it. OOOPS!!! Well the bite was on fire!!!  It might be the best that I have ever seen it. Every drift we were hooking up. I was fishing shrimp and hooked up with a Permit and was fighting the fish when Jose was still was drifting a crab and hooked up as well. We were doubled up with mad Permit. They were screaming left and right. We had to go across each other 3 or 4 times. It was perfect footwork.  They were both smaller fish 10lb range. After that I caught one more and Jose caught two more which gave him total 5 on the day. His biggest was the last fish which was 24.5 lbs. FATTY!!!  What a day, the Permit were hungry and aggressive!!! We decided to call it quits and head back around 1:30 p.m.  Jose it was a pleasure fishing with you. Thanks again !!! P.S don’t forget to email that pic to me…

Jose releases Permit

1 06, 2009

Sunday, 5-31-09 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Eric O. and I

004What a perfect day. The weather was beautiful all day long. Calm winds and plenty of sunshine. Its the last day in May and I had to see if we could get into some Permit. Eric and I launched from Sebastian Inlet boat ramp at 8 a.m. We went straight to a spot and walked the shoreline for crabs. After we captured 13, we decided to go ahead and go. We stopped after that and caught a dozen Croakers as well.  We ran the beaches for awhile and spotted a lot of Bonita. There is a few schools of big Jacks roaming the beaches as well. We mainly were looking for Tarpon, no luck.

When we got to the spot we fished for awhile and it was slow. For awhile all that we saw was Monster Jacks and Barracuda. Both Eric and I want nothing to do with them. Eric was feeling either brave or bored and hooked one of the monster Jacks.  After a few minutes into the fight he was wishing he never had hooked that fish. Finally in the afternoon the Permit started coming up and we began to see them on the surface. I missed my first hit, then on my second chance I put the hook in the right spot. It was awesome it had been two years since myself got to fight a Permit, much less a big one. After a bit I landed it and weighed it, 24lbs. I released it quickly after a few pics. I was on fire…. catching two more Permit 15lbs. and 22lbs. What a rush!!!  Eric was not having a very lucky day. But we did have a day last year in July when he landed 3 big Permit over 2olbs. and I never even got a hit. Fishing is weird like that. That was fun!!!


5 08, 2008

Monday, 8-04-08 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Mike, Matt, Mitchell, and Rob

Mike Snook Rob Permit There back and ready for more. We fished together in August of last year. I picked them up at Capt. Hiram’s in the Morning. The weather is nice, winds are light east. The sun is out and it is hot, afternoon thunderstorms were in the forecast. We had the same game plan, catch croakers and make our way to the hot spot. There was a little bump on the ocean, coming out of the south east. The water temp is back up to 78 on the beaches. Bonita are busting everywhere.

Croakers were a little tougher to find today. We had to move around a bit. Once we had enough croakers we headed out. With five big guys on the boat we slowly made our way to our fishing spot. Just a few more days and I will get my boat back. Well once we arrived I spotted the huge Permit that have been around lately. Barracuda’s were very active today. Everyone caught 2 or 3 Bonita each and fed 2 or 3 Cuda’s as well. Mike was having his fun with the Snook. Loosing 3 fish at first and getting it right on the 4th. He landed a nice Snook close to 25lbs. Rob was the big hitter today landing a Permit weighing 20lbs. and a Redfish 20 lbs. as well.

With the storms approaching and the winds picking up, it was time to run back to the inlet. The tide was still coming in when we passed through at 1 p.m. This trip was a lot of fun, I really enjoy fishing with people that acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that it takes to keep everyone hooked up with big fish. So with that thanks again guys. Let me know on the sizes and long or short sleeves?

3 08, 2008

Saturday, 8-02-08 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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George C.

George C. 20lb. Permit The weather today was perfect. The wind was calm and never picked up. I picked George up at the Inlet at 7:30 a.m. We stopped at a shoreline and I netted up a few crabs. After that we went to get croakers. It was a little slower than yesterday. On the way to go fish we noticed a few schools of Greenies. The Bonita are everywhere feeding on glass minnows.

After we arrived at the spot. It didn’t take long for George to spot a few Permit. With a few good casts with a crab, he hooked up a 20 lb. Permit. We landed it and snapped a few good pics. After that I broke one off. I am having some serious bad luck when it comes to Permit. I pulled a hook on one as well. We both caught a couple of monster Jack’s. The Snook were biting but we couldn’t land one. The Snook were hanging on the bottom and kept breaking us on the structure. Man we lost some big fish! If it wasn’t one thing it was another. George also caught a good size Sheepshead and a small Barracuda. We had a lot of action all day. With it getting later in the afternoon the storms were building from the south and it was time to get. Thanks again George that was a lot of fun. I will keep my eye out for the Tarpon.