14 01, 2017

Pompano, Redfish, and Snook on the Attitude Adjustment 2017

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Pompano, Redfish, and Snook on the Attitude Adjustment 2017

Happy New Year everyone. 2017 is off to a great start. The water temp. is still around 70. It is January and the Snook are still chewing. There are a few Redfish biting. The Pompano bite has been decent. Pink and yellow swim jigs are the hot color. It has been a little windy so the ocean has been kind of rough. But the few days that it has been calm there have been good reports of Triple Tail, Cobia, and Kingfish. Most years in January around the Sebastian Inlet there are lots of Jacks, Bluefish, and Spanish but with the warm water temp. we have seen very few. I just hope that this does not mean we are in store for a late winter.

22 06, 2016

Sebastian Inlet fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment

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Sebastian Inlet fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. The weather has changed a bit. The winds have picked up out of the east. The ocean is blown out and choppy. The moon was full on the 20th. The forecast says the weather is going to calm down before the weekend so hopefully we will get back to the flat summer conditions.

Offshore- Before the winds started the bottom fishing had slowed down a bit. We were still catching a few Snapper but just having to work a little harder. A few smaller Kingfish on surface baits. There also a few reports of Cobia around. If your lucky you might even get a Dolphin to swim up to the boat so always have a rod ready with a live bait hook.

Inshore- Along the beaches the Bonita are still going off on the glass minnows which are a lot of fun on light tackle. Also some nice Spanish Mackerel along the beaches. The Snook are spawning in the surf along the beach. The Croakers are close to the beach and work great for the Snook. Make sure to safely release the out of season Snook. Redfish and Jacks have shown back up inside the Sebastian Inlet.

Some highlights of last week, Mike catching a nice Dolphin that swam up to the boat while we were bottom fishing. Ryan and his son catching a big Goliath. Thanks to everyone who fished with Attitude the past week. Hope everyone had a memorable trip! Please if you read this and have a second, drop a comment! Thanks again!

21 05, 2016

Fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment

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Fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. The past two weeks the action has been a little slow. We have been managing to catch a few though. The Redfish and Jacks have been pretty steady. The Snook are a little lazy. The Moon has been full and with all the rain they have been letting tons of fresh water out of the St. Sebastian River. Hopefully the winds will lay sown and the bite will pick up as we get away from the full moon and summer begins. Thanks to everyone who has fished with Attitudefising the past two weeks.

8 05, 2016

Fishing with attitude around the Sebastian Inlet.

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Fishing with attitude around the Sebastian Inlet. The first week of May produced some decent fish. The Snook bite was a little slow but we managed to catch a few and a handful of keepers. The Redfish bite is producing good numbers. They are all too big to keep though. The Jacks are thick as can be. We are catching plenty while fishing for Snook and Redfish. The Goliath grouper are taking over. They are bigger and hungrier this year. We are losing a fair amount of Snook to them. The laws really need to be changed so we can get rid of a few of these greedy oversized monsters. The winds have been blowing and the ocean has been pretty choppy. It is time to start thinking about Permit and running the beaches. Also Grouper is now open. The Mangrove bite should start picking up as well offshore. Thanks to everyone who fished with Attitude this past week.

29 04, 2016

The Attitude Adjustment fishing around the Sebastian Inlet

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The Attitude Adjustment fishing around the Sebastian Inlet. Earlier in the week we had a full moon. The fishing has been a little slow but we have been working a little harder and catching a few nice fish. We caught some big Reds, caught a few keeper Snook and a few over slot. Lots of Jacks and a big Goliath Grouper.The tide in the Sebastian Inlet is last half of outgoing in the morning and incoming through the early afternoon. The Dolphin bite is still hot offshore and I even have heard the bottom bite is on fire. The weather is nice now and should be nice through the weekend. Thanks to everyone who fished with Attitude this past week. Tightlines!

11 03, 2016

Redfish, Snook, Jacks, and Goliath with attitudefishing

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Redfish, Snook, Jacks, and Goliath with attitudefishing. Steve, Steve, James, and Patti. The winds are blowing pretty strong. The tide is incoming to about 12 p.m. We hooked up some Redfish but had a hard time getting them to the boat. We did land one and also caught a juvenile Goliath Grouper. Once the tide switched we started Snook fishing. James caught 2 Snook, one was a keeper. We also had a couple of Jacks. We ended around 2 p.m. Thanks Steve, Steve, James, and Patti for fishing with attitude. It was a pleasure to fish and meet you.

14 08, 2015

Goliath, Snook, Redfish, and Jacks with Attitude

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Goliath, Snook, Redfish, and Jacks with Attitude. Sean, Gabrielle, Rick, and Doris fished aboard the Attitude Adjustment today. The weather was perfect. The tide was incoming most of the morning. The water is super clear. We started off catching bait early in the morning.

After we caught enough bait w went Snook fishing. The Snook bite was good I think we caught 5 or 6. There was a school of Mullet that came through. The Snook were feeding on them, they moved down the beach and we moved with them. Doris caught the biggest Snook. Next we made a couple of drifts in the Sebastian Inlet. Sean hooked up and landed a nice Redfish. Gabrielle caught a big Jack.

Once the tide switched to outgoing we used the Jacks as Goliath bait. It took a lot of bites but Sean finally got a hook to stick in a Goliath and he did a great job of landing the monster. It was a great day and great fishing with a great group of people. Thanks Sean, Rick ,Gabrielle, and Doris it was a pleasure to meet and fish with all of you.

31 07, 2015

Snook, Jacks, and Goliath with Attitude

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Snook, Jacks, and Goliath with Attitude. David, Matt, and Max fished aboard the Attitude Adjustment. We started off catching our Croakers. The tide was incoming most of the morning. The weather was perfect for the first half of the day. We had a strong Snook bite. They caught a couple of Snook but probably had at least 10 hooked up. The Jacks were going off as usual in the middle of the inlet. They caught there fair share of them. Then they wanted Matt to try and land a Goliath. It took a few tries but eventually we got everything right and got a hook to stick. Matt and Max did a great job of getting that monster to the boat. The reels anti reverse broke half way through the fight and they were still able to get the job done. We got some great pics and safely released the Goliath. Thanks again David for bring your boys fishing with attitude again. It was a lot of fun! see you next time!

27 07, 2015

Goliath and Jacks, Sebastian Inlet

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Goliath and Jacks, Sebastian Inlet.

First time I have ever done this but Tim wrote such a good blog on facebook I figured I would share…Thanks Tim

“Today was one AWESOME day with my two sons. We chartered a boat ( we have
done this many time only to come home with nothing ) with what I heard was
an awesome captain.
Attitudefishing Fishing Charters
We started at 7 Am using squid we caught croakers. Captain asked what was a
fish you always wanted to see and Jarod said a Goliath Grouper. Then we
moved to see if the snook were biting. Captain Eric said they were not when
we left ( at least he was honest. ) So after 1 hour he said you want to
have fun now and we said heck yeah. He took us to a spot where when the
line hit the water a huge hit and my son Joshua reeled in a 8 lb Jack.
Jarod followed with a 5 pounder then Joshua with a 5 pounder then jarod
then josh holy cow I said this is wild. So then Captain Eric said lets go
get a big one. I said no sharks he said no worry. we went to a Spot he said
are Goliath Groupers. I said really . My son Jarods dream was to catch one.
Well when we used a 8 lb Jack by the time it was down 15 feet a hit was on
and wow. It looked like he had snagged bottom. Jarod Lost it then dropped
another Jack BAM! Lost it another Jack Bam then lost it then OMG BAM BAM
there it was.
The biggest hit ever. After 40 minutes of reeling in what was a fight I
would not have been able to do alone. My son Jarod’ dream came true. this
fish was humongous. Thanks Captain Eric You are ‘The Best charter we have
ever been on and looking forward to doing it again real soon.
If you want a great charter then call him and tell him you saw this post
Attitudefishing.com 321-863-8714 out of Sebastian.”

~ Tim Burklew, Golf Carts of Vero Beach

25 07, 2015

Jacks and Goliath Sebastian Inlet

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Jacks and Goliath Sebastian Inlet. My brother Ken and my nephews Holden and Hayden live in St. Pete. The weather was nice in the morning and the tide was outgoing till about 11 a.m. We caught croakers to start with first thing in the morning. We tried to Snook fish for a bit but no luck. We decided to just go for Jacks and let the boys have fun. Holden and Hayden had a blast catching Jacks. It was great to see my nephews having fun.

We took one of the Jacks and dropped it down for a Goliath. Ken hooked up and it was on! I must say I enjoyed seeing my brother suffer with the goliath. It was all he could do to beat that fish. It was definitely one of the strongest fish that I have seen. After about 30 mins. got it to the boat and I was able to tie it off for some pics. With the storms quickly approaching it was time to go. Thanks Ken for coming over this weekend and bringing the boys. I had a great time fishing with you 3. We definitely need to do it more often.