Bonita, Jacks, and Goliath on the Attitude Adjustment. Jason and Allen are from Texas. This was there first time fishing with attitude. We met and departed from the Inlet Marina at 2 p.m. We went out and ran the beaches for a bit. We came across lots of Bonita having feeding frenzy. Jason had the hot hand he caught 4 or 5 and Allen caught one.

Next we went and caught  a few Jacks. After the Jacks Jason wanted try for a Goliath. Well it did not take long before Jason was hooked into a 200lb. monster. He did a great job of fighting and eventually landing it. We got some pics and safely released. We tried for some Snook but only caught a couple more Jacks. We decided to call it a day and headed back., Thanks Jason and Allen for fishing with attitude. It was a pleasure to fish and meet the both of you.