Snook fishing Sebastian Inlet

Buddy and Mandy Snook fished with Attitude the last two days around the Sebastian Inlet. The weather was perfect. The tide is incoming till about noon. No luck fishing the tip of the Jetty but instead we caught a few big Snook on the flats. It has been a total blast sight fishing these monsters. The first day we went 3 for 9 and the 2nd day we went 1 for 2. The Snook that Buddy caught today was on 8lb. test with 40lb. leader on a super light rod.

We also fished tonight and Buddy caught two nice Snook. Thanks Buddy and Mandy for coming all the way to Sebastian just to Snook fish with me. Hope you guys had fun and thanks again.


Inshore Snook fishing Sebastian Inlet

Jay and Oliver

Inshore Snook fishing around the Sebastian Inlet. Jay and his son Oliver are from N.Y. We departed from the Inlet Marina at 7 a.m. We cast netted some Pilchards and caught some Pigfish. First we fished a few islands and caught some Jacks. Then we went inside the Sebastian Inlet and caught a lot of Jacks that were a little bigger.

Once the tide switched to outgoing we tried for the Snook. Not much luck on the tip so we went back to the flats and found some monster Snook. We hooked up 5 or 6 Snook and landed 3. The biggest must of been 35lbs. It was a fun day fishing with Jay and Oliver. Thanks Jay for fishing with Attitude! Hopefully we will fish again in the future.


Sebastian Inlet Snook fishing

Sebastian Inlet Snook fishing Scott and Mike. Scott and Mike are brothers from south Florida. They met me first thing in the morning at the Inlet Marina. We caught our bait then targeted the Snook. The tide in the Sebastian Inlet started going out around 8 a.m. The bite was a little slow. We got a bite about every 20-30 mins. We had a tough time getting the hook to set in one though. We lost the first 6 fish that we had on. Several hook pulls and a Goliath ate one Snook. Mike finally got one to stick and landed a nice big Snook. After that we decided to try another spot where some Snook have been hanging. Mike hooked up and landed another Snook that was a Monster, 31lbs. It was a great day of fishing and perfect weather. It was also a pleasure to meet and fish with Scott and Mike. Thanks guys for fishing with Attitude!


Permit fishing aboard Attitude Adjustment

John and Taylor

Permit fishing aboard the Attitude Adjustment. It is that time of year again! The weather was nice in the morning. The winds picked up around 11 a.m. The bite also happened at 11 when Taylor hooked up and landed a nice Permit. The winds were starting to blow pretty hard S.E. so we decided to call it quits and head back in before it was to rough. It was a short and sweet trip. As soon as the weather straightens up it is time to do some Permit fishing.



Offshore bottom fishing, Sebastian Inlet

John and Ken

We went offshore bottom fishing out of the Sebastian Inlet. The weather was perfect after a solid week of it being bad. The pilchards are still thick. It was late, 10 a.m. when we finally left the Inlet Marina and headed offshore. The tide in the Inlet was incoming. The ocean was flat and we had no problem running 30 mph. all the way out. The Snapper bite was decent. We all caught Red Snapper. We caught a small Dolphin that came up to us while we were bottom fishing. We also caught 5 Mangrove Snapper, 2 small Gags, and 3 Lion fish. It was a fun day of fishing with some good friends.



Sebastian Inlet Snook fishing

David, Brian, and Alice
We managed to get a few Snook on the Attitude Adjustment before the storms rolled through this morning. David and his son Brian have fished with me a few times in the past years. The storms were due to roll through around 11 a.m. The tide did not start going out till about 8 a.m. We left the Inlet Marina at 7:30 a.m. and went and caught some pigfish. We started Snook fishing around 9 a.m. by 10:30 it was raining. We stuck it out in the rain till a little after 11 a.m. Brian caught 2 Snook, 1 small and 1 too big. David caught 1 Snook that was too big. The bite was not red hot by any means but it was nice to see a Snook again. Thanks David, Brian, and Alice for your continued support. It was nice fishing with you again. Hopefully we will fish again next year.


Jack Crevalle fishing Sebastian Inlet

Bill and Luke
There was no lack of Jack Crevalle biting in the Sebastian Inlet. The Jacks were up to 10lbs. We started off the morning fishing for Snook. Bill hooked up twice but was not able to get the hook set. After the Snook disappeared we moved inside the Sebastian Inlet and caught non stop Jacks. They were hooking up and doubling up on every bait. It was great to see Bill and his grandson Luke having a good time fishing. Thanks Bill for fishing with Attitude again.


Jack fishing with attitudefishing, Sebastian Inlet

Justin and Marty

Jacks, Jacks, and more Jacks is the best fishing going on around Sebastian Inlet. The Snook and Redfish have been rather slow. The water is super clear. The tide is outgoing most of the morning. Justin and Marty from Virginia fished with me 7 years ago and finally made it back to Florida, and they remembered attitudefishing. We started off getting some Snook bait then putting some time in fishing for them, but no luck. We decided after some time to move on and go search for some action. Not much going on in the river so we ended up back in the Sebastian Inlet.

The tide was now incoming and we made some drifts. They were catching Jacks on every drift. Non stop hooking up. It was a great way to spend the last hour after a slow morning. Thanks Justin and Marty for remembering Attitude Adjustment. It was a pleasure to fish you two again. Hope you guys enjoy your next few days of Disney.


Trout and Jacks on the Attitude Adjustment

Peter and Gary

Peter and Gary caught lots of Jacks and a nice Trout today on the Attitude Adjustment. The weather was nice and the tide in the Sebastian Inlet was outgoing most of the morning till about 10:30 a.m. We started off getting pigs and fishing for Snook. We had one hook up but the line broke. The bite was really slow so we moved on. We went and fished around a few of the spoil islands.

Peter caught a nice Trout and Gary caught a 10lb. Jack. We also missed a really big Trout that followed a bait to the boat. We went back to the Sebastian Inlet and fished. The Inlet was perfect crystal clear. We made some drifts and Peter and Gary were hooking up with Jacks on every drift. It was a great way to end the day.  Thanks Peter and Gary for fishing with attitude. It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you both. Hopefully well do it again in the future.


Bottom fishing offshore Sebastian Inlet

John, Gay, Steve, and MaeBeth

Went bottom fishing offshore Sebastian Inlet with John, Gay, Steve, and MaeBeth. We went out in John and Gay’s Edgewater, a beautiful boat.  The ocea was slightly choppy in the morning. There were a few storms around which we got stuck in. With the constant switching of wind directions making anchoring on a spot nearly impossible We had a tough time catching anything.

Once the storms moved through and things calmed down we moved to a new area where we were able to get on some nice fish. John caught a nice Grouper. Gay caught her first grouper. Steve caught a decent Trigger.  MaeBeth caught a good Cobia and everyone caught a handful of Red Snapper and Small Amberjack. It ended up being a great day of fishing with a great group. Thanks again John for letting me Captain your boat and believing in my fishing skills. I am always grateful.