Thursday, 12/11/14 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Bill and Marybeth

DCIM100GOPROBill and Marybeth are from West Virginia. They fished with me earlier in the year. The winds were light today and out of the west. The tide switched to outgoing around 2 p.m. I went and caught pinfish early this morning.  We departed from the Inlet Marina at 2 p.m. When we got to the Sebastian Inlet the tide had just started to go out. We started fishing for the Snook but no luck.

We moved a bit closer to the rip where the Redfish have been. It did not take long before Bill was hooked up with the first fish. Marybeth hooked up just a few seconds later. Marybeth’s fish was a little smaller than Bills. Both fish were landed, photo and released. For the next two hours it was hook up after hook up. All Redfish, from 15lbs to 26lbs. Between the two of them they must of landed 15 -20 Redfish. It was a perfect afternoon with sunshine and non stop action. Thanks Bill and Marybeth for fishing with Attitude again.



Wednesday, 12/10/14 9a.m. to 4 p.m.

George and Dan

DCIM100GOPROThe Attitude Adjustment is still getting its face lift but that did not prevent me from going fishing.( A big thanks to Al for hooking me up with the Nanny-o) The weather was nice. A little chilly but the sun was out which made it tolerable. George has fished with a few times in the past. We met up in the morning at the Inlet Marina. We went and caught our bait for the day. Since we had some time to kill until the outgoing tide we did some jigging around the Sebastian Inlet. The water is really dirty, so it is really not happening.

Once the outgoing tide started we were able to find some quality fish. The Reds were hammering the pinfish as quick as we could get one down. Dan had the hot hand for awhile. Then George got in on the fun. They had couple of double hook ups and even a triple. It was a lot of fun. They landed at least a dozen Reds up to 18lbs. Great day! Thanks again George and Dan for fishing with Attitude.


Attitude Adjustment getting a face lift.

Day 1

20141208_11193220141208_133921Started a face lift on the Attitude Adjustment today. John at Complete Boatworks is taking care of it.  He is letting me assist as long as I don’t get in the way. We have decided to redo the Non-skid deck in a Pearl Grey and to repaint the sides in the original Stars and Stripes Blue. Should look sharp when were done. I will post pictures through out the process so stay tuned!


Saturday, 12/06/14 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Al, Howie, and AJ

DCIM100GOPROLongdoggers fished with Attitude today! Well, technically, Al, the owner did.

Al, his buddy Howie, and his son, A.J., tore up the Snook today! The weather was perfect, 80 degrees, sunny, and calm. Not a bad day for December. We met up at the Inlet Marina at 11 a.m. The tide switched and started to go out around 10:30 a.m.  Al hooked up and landed the first Snook which was a keeper. The bite was a little slow for the next hour.

The bite turned on around 2 p.m. and was non stop action for the next hour and half. A.J. did a great job of catching a keeper Snook (true fisherman).  Howie caught his keeper soon after. Al caught a keeper Redfish. They even had a double Snook hook up. Al, Howie and A.J. ended up releasing a few keeper size Snook and several that were to big. It was a great day of fishing and a lot of fun. Thanks Al, Howie, and AJ for fishing with Attitude.


Thursday, 12/04/14 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dave and I,

DCIM100GOPROThe weather was sunny but the winds are high from the east. The Sebastian Inlet is a little rough on the outgoing tide. The tide started to go out around 9 a.m.

We had bait already to go this morning. The bite was not red hot but Dave did manage to get some hits. The first fish was a keeper Redfish and the next two were perfect keeper Snook. Once we had our limit of Snook it was time to head in. It was a fun, quick trip.


Friday, 11/28/14 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Rich, Josh, and Jack

DCIM100GOPROThree Generations, Rich, Josh, and Jack. We met in the morning at the Inlet Marina. It was a cold morning. The winds were blowing pretty good. We started off Snook fishing. It was really rough and the waves that were coming through made it really difficult. (check out the wave in the picture)   Josh managed to catch a nice Redfish. Other than that the Bluefish were just killing our baits. Once the tide switched we headed to the back of the Sebastian Inlet and started to jig with the Swim jigs. They caught plenty of Jacks, Bluefish, and Ladyfish. Rich was on fire with the hot hand and caught 3 decent Pompano. Josh caught a Spanish Mackerel as well. The weather was tough and chilly but we made the best of it and caught some quality fish. Thanks Rich and Josh it was fun to meeting and fishing with you. Hope everyone enjoyed the Pompano. Hopefully we will fish again in the future. Happy Holidays!